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MCO 2.0 - Engage & Uplift Your Employees Well Being with Game Based Learning
Navigate Your Career Through Game Based Learning!
How To Improve Work From Home (WFH) And Remote Working Effectively During Lock Down
Join us in this complimentary FREE webinar to discuss and learn more about strategies and best practices to develop your remote workforce
The Resilient Squad Competition Season 2
Due to the great success in Season 1, The Resilient Squad Competition Season 2 is back!
Directors and Senior Managers Will Be Liable Under MACC Act Sections 17A
To All Directors In Malaysia, If You don't know this "ABC", it May Cost You RM 1,000,000 !
Do employees have a right to work from home?🙇
What you need to know about labour law? Able to implement the right processes and procedures that cover the crucial areas in human resources practices.
从 1/6/20 开始, 你的员工贪污, 你(经理/董事)也会中诉!
Build Your Very Own Resilient Squad in Your Organization!
Featuring The Resilient Squad Competition, buckle up and prepare your squad to compete in our first ever inter-organization competition.
Covid-19: How to Use Technologies to Engage, Monitor, Track & Maximise Employees Productivity During MCO
We are offering 3 months FREE use of our platform. T&C apply.
Gamification Business Case - Corporate Culture Campaign Using Gamification
The corporate culture campaign was created to assist employee with internalising the four corporate values and demonstrate those behaviours with ownership and accountability while undertaking responsibilities in the departments under AKPK.
Reimagine Employee Onboarding Program with Blended Approach in IR4.0 Era!
Join this live webinar to discover new way of redesigning employee onboarding program
What's Your Corporate Training Plan as a Learning Professional During the Virus Outbreak?
The Video Recording & Live Streaming Solution for your Learning Delivery Need.
The Story Behind The Best Team Building Provider, HR Vendors of The Year of 2019
Leverage on Digital & Gamification to Achieve Team Building Objective Before Team Building
Gamification Business Case: Gamification built with Design Thinking: A corporate values campaign in financial services
People Psyence developed a two-phased integrated approach to address KWAP's objectives with a long-term, sustainable view.
Gamification Business Case: Banking on social interactions for a successful digital journey
People Psyence co-facilitated an internal project team with a HR lead across only five (5) half-days on how the objectives can be achieved via a gamification approach.
Join us at People 4.0 Conference on 19 November 2019
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People Psyence Making Waves In Gamification
People Psyence - an established business consulting firm that operates in Singapore & Malaysia is bringing the latest Gamification framework and technology platforms to help big corporations to transform in IR 4.0.
3 important features from Orbit you should know, to conduct a successful 360 Degree Feedback!
The rise of Orbit 360 Degree Feedback - A 360 degree feedback which consists of input from multiple sources that provides a different perspective on the leader's skills, attributes and other job relevant characteristics.
Gamification Case Studies
Successful gamification projects built for training and employee engagement
Reshaping the Multi-Generational Workforce of the 21st Century
The inaugural Game Thinking Asia (GTA) conference came to life this 16 August 2017 and was received with many positive responses.
Gamification Workshops Now Endorsed by GamFed
Digitalization of the Learning Journey | Start with Onboarding
Accelerating Performance through Digitalization
Gamification For Employee Engagement & Motivation In Malaysia
Talent Intelligence continues to inspire Malaysia with gamification strategies by invites global gamification guru and founder of Gamification Nation, An Coppens to host a workshop for HR Leaders in Malaysia.
Workplace Gamification in Action at Vinda Group
Gamified Meeting to Increase Engagement among Senior Management
Building an Effective & Engaging Onboarding Experience
Enable New Hires to Perform Faster With Only Half a Day Training!
How Extrinsic Rewards Can Drive Intrinsic Motivation and Behavioral Change at Work
Foundation of Workplace Gamification: Motivation and Behavioral Change
Talent Intelligence Makes a Move on Workplace Gamification
Everyone in an organization is driven by something, games especially have a huge affect on any person...