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Mental Health in the Workplace

How Can You Support Your Employees in the Workplace with Mental Wellness Initiatives?

The COVID-19 pandemic sparked a major movement on mental wellness, particularly in the workplace setting. Bad economic situations coupled with the increased demand at work have created a demand on mental health services to support the employees who are at the verge of burnout. The impact of mental health decline can also be felt on a global scale with a loss of US$ 1 trillion each year due to depression and anxiety disorders based on a recent study by the World Health Organization.

Another impact of mental health decline is on the loss of productivity. On average, employees reported to be performing at only 72% of their capacity due to their mental health (Mind Share Partners, 2021). 84% of them reported at least a negative workplace factor that has impacted their mental health. These factors include emotionally draining work, challenges with work-life balance as well as the lack of recognition from the employers.

However, there has been a rise on normalizing the topic of mental health in the workplace. In a recent study done by Mind Share Partners, 65% of the workers have spoken to someone at work regarding their mental health in the past year. This indicates an openness to reach out and receive assistance at work.

As employers, adding mental wellness initiatives has been proven to be a powerful investment. Employees who felt supported by their employer through mental wellness initiatives are (Mind Share Partners, 2021)

A healthy work culture that supports mental health will create healthier employees which leads to better performance. Invest in a mental wellness initiative today to secure a more stable future for the employee’s wellbeing.

- written by Melanie Chuah, licensed counsellor - 

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