Navigate Your Career Through Game Based Learning!

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Navigate Your Career Through Game Based Learning!

COVID-19 has brought about unprecedented impacts on businesses and employees are suffering from pay cuts, job losses, layoffs and etc. These inevitably take a toll on mental and emotional well-being causing stress, pressure and fear, that may lead to depression and eventually suicidal thoughts. To combat this situation, not only are self-care methods like healthy diets, regular exercise and other stress management techniques important, one can also look into self-help actions which include finding out one’s strengths and areas of development, upskilling and also proactively seeking for other career opportunities. There is definitely a way out of this turbulent time for each of us.

Aiming to support and guide individuals in embracing this change gracefully, we designed a game called “Look Inside, Go Beyond”. This is a game-based learning programme that allows you to learn about embracing change by completing various mini quests as you journey through the storyline at anytime and anywhere on your mobile. In this gamified journey, you will also be presented with simple, pragmatic strategies to welcome change, techniques which are curated by psychologists from our sister company, Eunoia.

This collaboration between Talent Intelligence and People Psyence® offers free trial of the “Look Inside, Go Beyond” game until 21st February 2021. As a BONUS, the first 50 players who accumulated 4500 points may redeem the complimentary TPAQ personality assessment, offered by People Psyence®. The TPAQ offers great insights on our key personality traits and behavioural dispositions with potential predictive power.

These, in turn, help us to pinpoint our key strengths and enable us to leverage them to adjust our behaviours during times of challenge and even seek for careers which best fit our profiles! On top of that, the first 10 players who accumulated 4500 points are entitled to redeem an additional reward – gamified assessment, MindmetriQ. These rewards can be redeemed at the reward store in the game! Want to know more about the TPAQ and MindmetriQ assessment reward? Click Here!

If you are keen to participate in the free trial game, Register here!


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