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It's a Wrap; Gamification Workshop 2022!

Of 2 days program (2/11-3/11) for Gamification Practitioner Workshop 2022 with our Game-Thinking coaches, Dr Tom Tan & Jaxton Cheah.

From learning The Power and Principle of Gamification to learning basic gaming features that can be implemented in the workplace. It was such an honour to perform the workshop at eLearningMinds Centre with the rest of other participants!

Thank you so much to those who participated. We hope you gain so much from the workshop and enjoy it as much as we do! 😎 

We're so excited to share that our Gamifcation Workshop 2.0 is coming up this December due to popular demands!  

This time around, slots are available for more participants and with a lot more things to discover about our digital gamification app, gametize! 

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