Virtual Training Program

Virtual Training Program - The Lost City of Atlantis

The only way to do great work is to love what you do– Steve Jobs

Feeling demotivated at workplace can sometimes be really tiring.  We could unconciously started to lose sight of the company’s core values.

That’s when      gamification steps in. What’s essential is to understand the purpose of gamification is not to turn work into a game. Instead, the idea is to blend a game mechanics with professional tasks to boost productivity and make job more exciting!

Gamification - a concept that can be pretty frightening only if you're unfamilliar with the term. Instead however it will be an amazing journey once you'll discover that it's nothing but about transforming traditional learning into a more entertaining and engaging experience!


Recently, in Talent Intelligence, we launched a new product game called The Lost City of Atlantis; a productive team building game that allows the users to go through experiential learning while simultaneously develop their leadership, crisis handling, communication as well as problem solving skills. Players get put in Teams, Webex, or Zoom and they will embark on a journey that puts them in the face of incredible danger – from deep sea abominations to other dark watery perils. As they wade across this deep-sea adventure, they will also be fostering competency skills that help make them better employees. Much valued skills such as employing effective communication and feedback amongst each other, building a culture of continuous learning and growth as well as allowing trust, sincerity, and transparency to flourish; all of these will be competencies and skills that you will further enhance. Don’t simply chain yourself to the same ol’ dull traditional confinements of chalk and talk training and throw yourselves into the training experience of your lives with The Lost City of Atlantis. 

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