The Resilient Squad Competition for Mind Wellness Program Launch

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The Resilient Squad Competition for Mind Wellness Series Launch

Keeping our emotions in check has become a great challenge in the constant change of our working lives and environment as we are compelled to now re-adapt to our usual ways of work, shifting priorities yet again as well as how we interact and engage our team members.

In recent times of social distancing, many employees find it a challenge to maintain team dynamics with the lack of physical interaction. Feeling connected and supported by team members is undeniably crucial. When one feels detached from their colleagues, increased stress levels may follow leading it to the adverse effects on work productivity.

Our sister company, Eunoia, is a mental wellness hub that provides accessible and quality mental healthcare services. Our two companies collaborated to develop a unique virtual team building programme which aims to create meaningful digital relationships within team members, exploring about emotional intelligence awareness and building resilience while having some fun through gamification. This programme is ideal to help boost a supportive team culture along with building your employees' back-to-office momentum!

The Resilient Squad Competition

You are entitled to get a FREE slot to participate in the "The Resilient Squad Competition" where you and four (4) of your team members are to team-up and explore the self-paced gamified mental health mobile-based program curated by psychologists when you purchase the Mind Wellness series package of 3 corporate talks within the month of October and November 2021.

At the end of this competition, you should be able to

Stand a chance to win the grand prize worth RM 1,000 (and more) for your very own resilience team campaign in your organisation.

Compete in a mobile gamification environment


Check out the testimonial from past participants:


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