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Digitalization of the Learning Journey | Start with Onboarding

Accelerating Performance through Digitalization

Accelerating Performance through Digitalization

Technology by our side at all times is changing our habits. We are clearly demonstrating our natural capacity and innate ability to learn, adapt and improve every day on-the-go and just-in-time enabled by technology. We are constantly accessing information through a Google search or a YouTube video which we apply immediately. We are sharing insights, best practices and learning content through WhatsApp and other online tools. 

As a result, digitalization of the onboarding journey for New Hires is a unique opportunity to align all aspects of an organization as a “space” that ignites, uplifts and empowers people to tap into their natural ability to learn. The alignment of an organization’s people, purpose, process, principles and platforms fosters high performing teams, while also reducing the time, cost and effort needed for traditional training. When the 5P enablers are aligned, integrated and working together, they act as a framework to accelerate performance improvement. Onboarding is a great place to start, as this framework and digitalization, engage the New Hires to take ownership for their own development from day 1.


Formally Support Informal Learning

“In my experience of being in this industry for 28 years, every organization should create spaces to formally support formal, informal learning, and the natural way we learn.” says Lori Figueiredo, founder and global learning strategist of Syzygy. We learn to improve our performance through a combination of Education, Experience and Exposure. This is evolution. It is happening all the time, with or without us, AND can be tapped into as a conscious and coordinated strategy by any organization.

Combining all 3 Es and digitalization is especially important for Onboarding. Together they create a strong foundation for building capabilities, collaboration and a learning community within the first few weeks in your organization.

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