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Reshaping the Multi-Generational Workforce of the 21st Century

On 17th August 2017, Talent Intelligence had organized our annual conference - Talent Ecosystem Conference (TEC) - for the 5th time. TEC was first introduced to the HR community in support of greater understanding of Malaysian and Global Talent. For the 2017 edition, we wanted to start something new and different from the past editions. Therefore we’ve changed the format from a presentation-based to forum-based conference which allowed us to get a lot more practitioners and experts to talk at TEC 2017.


With the current workforce today made up by multi-generational employees, we feel that it is the right topic for us to bring it up for TEC 2017. Managing a multi-generational workforce is challenging because age plays a big role in shaping different work ethics, behavior, and attributes. Organizations start to address this pressing issue as retaining the best from the millennial generation is essential to the future of businesses. Therefore, they need to be agile in reshaping the workforce; hence the theme suggested – Reshaping The Multi-Generational Workforce.


To break down into details from the main topic of Reshaping the Multi-Generational Workforce, we came out with 6 different forums that address relevant topics in today’s HR world. In each of the forums, we gathered the best speakers that were made up from the top HR practitioners and industry experts from around the globe to share stories and best practices in managing the ever changing multi-generational workforce. The forums for TEC 2017 includes:

  • Defining the Future of Learning

  • How to Harness the Power of Multi-Generational Workforce

  • Design Multi-Generational Employee Experience Journey for Transformation

  • Future of Work; Preparing Organizations for the 21st Century Workforce

  • Digital HR; Transforming the HR Service Delivery Model

  • Build Value in Employer Branding


One of the things that make Talent Ecosystem Conference unique is that we want to be known as an advocate of human-centric solutions for HR, or some would call it “employee-centric”. TEC 2017 was the second time that we’ve collaborated with SelfDrvn to bring in a gamified experience to the attendees. Besides that, some of the features in the SelfDrvn app such as Polls, Message-In-a-Bottle, and badges allows the attendees to play, compete, test their knowledge retention and give instant feedback to the forums.  As an engagement app that was built with gamification concept in mind, we wanted to make sure that SelfDrvn could help to enhance the attendee’s experience for TEC 2017.


We’ve also made history at TEC 2017, when our CEO, Jaxton Cheah announced that Talent Intelligence is now an exclusive partner of Games For Business (G4B) in Malaysia and licensed partner for South East Asia. Talent Intelligence vision is to be a gamification all-in-one provider in Malaysia and South East Asia and with the addition of G4B, we hope that it would boost our profile and continue to serve interested clients.


It was such a great experience to host Talent Ecosystem Conference 2017 and having a variety of passionate people there including yourself. We’re hoping that it was a great experience for you too as an attendee and we look forward to hosting you again at TEC 2018. If you’re interested to explore gamification opportunities in your processes or looking for training programs for your company, please contact us at [email protected] and we’re more than happy to assist you.