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The best team building provider gold award, HR Vendors of The Year 2019

Talent Intelligence won The Best Team Building Provider Gold Award, HR Vendors of The Year 2019. Talent Intelligence applies Gamification to design blended team building experience. 

Talent Intelligence launched 10 soft skills training workshop with complimentary Gamification Digital Learning Experience in 2018.

The training comes with 1 or 2 day classroom, and 7 days Gamified Digital Learning Experience to increase learning effectiveness, learner engagement and better knowledge retention.


What is Gamification? 

Gamification is applies game mechanics into non-game context, such as learning & development, employee engagement, marketing, product development and etc. 

Unlike Games, Gamification is objective driven. We have delivered many gamification projects to drive employee engagement specifically to measure the success of collaboration, empowerment, recognition. Or gamification project that is related to learning and development, which measures number of quests completion, participation rate, learner understanding of the content and erc. 

Q: Why is gamification important in Malaysia?

Gamification is a design methodology to drive behaviour change and motivation. It's important especially in the era of Industrial Revolution 4.0, where digital transformation is inevitable. Gamification serves as a solution to drive technology adoption. 

Q: Which type of organization in Malaysia should adopt Gamification?

Most of the organisations in Malaysia should adopt Gamification. As long as your company is dealing with people. Gamification is widely used for customer facing approaches such as marketing, brand advocacy program, loyalty program. Also, many use cases for employee facing approaches such as design employee experience, employee onboarding, employee engagement, talent acquisition. 

Q : How much is the fee to adopt gamification in Malaysia?

Fee to adopt gamification can be as low as RM 3,000 to subscribe to off the shelf gamification content. We also provide customized gamification solutions that cater for marketing, brand advocacy, employee engagement, employee onboarding and etc. 

Q:  Is Gamification course  claimable under HRDF fund?

Our gamification program is combined with a classroom training program. Hence, it's claimable under the HRDF fund. 

Q: Why should I choose Talent Intelligence to be the vendor of Gamification in Malaysia?

Talent Intelligence is one of the early adopters of gamification in Asia. We have over 7 years of histories in delivering successful gamification projects that helped many clients to achieve business objectives. 

Please check out our business cases for further information.  


Our happy customers

Talent Intelligence offers gamification workshops endorsed by an international standard gamification Workshop provider - International Gamification Confederation (GamFed), so that you can learn how to:

  • Engage deeper relationship with customers and employees as your users

  • Motivate and engage users for higher productivity

  • Increase retention among employees in the workplace

  • Re-engage employees and customers

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