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Global Exam: The Key to Mastering English Via Business Jargons

How can Global Exam help you?

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, it is time to determine how exactly is Global Exam is going to assist you in improving your English proficiency, especially when it’s done through the mastery of business jargon? Well, that’s the beauty of it! Business jargon goes hand in hand with Global Exam because it is divided into several categories and one of them is Global Business.

Most linguists and English educators will agree that vocabulary is an incredibly vital aspect of language and to become fluent in that language, one must strive to have a wide and diverse vocabulary. According to, even with a limited comprehension of grammatical rules, one can convey an idea relatively easily if one possesses an array of vocabulary. For example, you may have encountered a foreigner who uses English as a third language say something like “Need directions” or “McDonald’s where” and you already can figure out the implied meaning of those words strung together. The same situation can be applied in the context of business jargon and becoming more proficient in English at the professional level.


The Global Exam can help you gain a lot of relevant business jargon as it covers a multitude of industries such as building and construction, healthcare, IT, design and more. From the healthcare and medicine field to spa management, Global Exam has got you covered. With an outstanding training course, you will be able to expand your business jargon vocabulary in a short amount of time. For instance, if you’re a medical practitioner or nurse, Global Exam offers some excellent personalized topics from the intermediate level up to the advanced level. Topics like the March of Mainstream Medicine by Dr Jeremy Shepard or Balance Care with Profits by Dr Sonya Thornton are all there for you to improve on the mainstream medical jargons or gaining more business jargons related to the American healthcare system.


As we all know, English is a language that is spoken worldwide and even in each country that speaks it (regardless of whether they speak extremely well or poorly), they will have their own versions. And despite that, these English speakers tend to generally understand one another relatively fine. An English speaker from the UK may refer to a sweater as a jumper but he and the American who call it a sweater will usually still be able to communicate well without many hiccups. The same situation can be applied to a professional setting in relation to the use of business jargon. The more business jargons you know that are related to your career, the more opportunities in career advancement there will be for you. Whatever your job may be, Global Exam helps you gain all the applicable business jargon that will not only assist you in an increase of productivity but also help improve your communication skills in a multifunctional sense. Some of the careers listed under Global Exam are marketing, management, tourism, customer service, nursing, human resources and more.

English is extremely widespread, with an estimate of 1500 million speakers spread across the entire globe, according to the article 7 Arguments for the Importance of Good English in Business written by Architamittra. Of the 1500 million speakers, only 375 million are native speakers of the language and over a billion people speak it as a foreign language in the world. In this global day and age, it is no longer enough for you to know a smattering of English words – now, you must be highly proficient at not only speaking it but writing it as well! Many people hope to improve on their English in the hopes of impressing their bosses or interviewers and landing that sweet, sweet job or promotion. Once again, Global Exam can help you achieve your dreams. Global Exam is the key to helping you improve your soft skills, boost English proficiency, and expand your business jargon. With a staggering 500 audios, 15 certified professors and 250 hours of out-of-the-box, specifically customized according to the industry as well as real life-like content available at your disposal, Global Exam is the answer to those of you who are eager to reach those professional or personal goals.

To conclude, learning a new language can be tough and challenging, what more learning the business jargon of said language. But it wouldn’t do to simply despair and sigh over hours upon hours of dry, boring reading and writing or chalk-and-talk studying. Take yourself out of the box of traditional language learning and learn more operational and relevant business jargon that will make your dreams a reality. Do it with Global Exam and we guarantee that you won’t be left stressed or overworked. Learn at your own pace, with evaluations at the beginning and ending of a course and improve on your own.

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