Benefits of Gamification in Workplace

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Gamification in the Workplace: Coming to you this November!

Discovering Benefits of Gamification

Bringing elements of gaming into the workplace may provide for a more enjoyable experience for everyone involved by reducing monotony, fostering healthy competition, and increasing overall enjoyment. 

Check out top 3 of how gamification can improve your productivity at work!

      1. Enhances Engagement and Productivity

Games in training plans boost productivity vy 50% and employee engagement by 60%.  79% of workers feel gamification has increased their drive and purpose (ELearning, 2020)

2. Branding

Gamification helps a company stands out to rivals, workers, and the public.  Communication is crucial to any company’s success.

3. Creativity and Innovation Driven

Gamification may encourage employees to think outside the box by creating high-stakes situations. You may add components to the serious game to simulate real-world circumstances. Digital Learning Simulation Game promote workplace innovation and creativity.

The use of gamification in today's workplaces and enterprises is more important than it has ever been. Whether you are looking for new methods to engage remote workers, a better training plan for the future, or just a means to enhance your business culture, gamification is indeed one method to improve your corporate culture.

Talent Intelligence has hosted many Gamification seminars over the years, during which we've seen firsthand the numerous positive effects that this approach may solve traditional workplace challenges.  Hence, this November we are back again with another round of Gamification Workshop lead by Dr.Tom Tan and Jaxton Cheah, Game Thinking Coaches.

If you wish to know more about the workshop, click below!