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Virtual Team Building By The Best HR Vendor Gold Award Malaysia 2019

What makes our services unique?

  • We have several off-the-shelf digital learning for team building such as ‘Teamwork That Works’
  • Based on content gamification, we design content that is altered to be more game-like based on the client’s needs, we begin with designing the content
  • We also have content, based on client’s needs, we create a suitable theme and storyline, along with the rewards graphics and images. Challenges are then created to suit the theme and the learning objective that the client wants to achieve.
  • To create content, we tap on the combined creativity of our consultants, business partners and even facilitation methods like Design Thinking


Check out our virtual / online team building testimonial: 

We delivered the virtual / online team building program with Gamification designed to drive employee engagement and instill departmental core values effectively.

A successful team building with the application of Gamification designed for New Inti University under the Resilient Squad Competition Season 1. Let's hear it from one of our participants!

Virtual Team Building Q&A:

1. Why virtual Team Building is important in Malaysia ?

Virtual Team Building is important not only in Malaysia, but every company in the world especially in the year 2020. As the business landscape has changed rapidly under the threat of covid-19, more organisations required the entire workforce to work towards the common goals. Team building plays a very important training and development program to build bonding within the employees in the organisation. At the same time, most of the organisations also take this opportunity to communicate the company goal, vision, mission & values during the team building program. People can better consume info & learning content during fun and interactive experiential activities. Hence, team building helps better knowledge retention. As most companies are having mobile workforce and implementing WFH (working from home) policies, virtual team building becoming an alternative to face2face team building.

2. What is the virtual team building Price in Malaysia?

Team Building price is subject to number of participants and also the duration of the program. In most of the standard circumstances, a 30 participants and below team building would cost from RM 4,000 to RM 6,000 per day. This fee is subject to the targeted activities as some activities would incurred additional cost for software codes & additional facilitators. 

3. What Are The Virtual Team Building Packages you offer ?

We offer a wide range of team building packages from 3 days, 2 days, 1 day and even special activities such as Diamond of Amazonia digital simulation game etc. The signature offering would be our team building package that designed using mobile apps and gamification. Participants experience the team engagement via a mobile app with well designed team challenges up to 5 days prior to the team building. This innovative design virtual / online team building has won the Best Team Building Provider Gold Award, HR Vendors Award of the Year 2019.   

4. Why should I choose Talent-Intelligence as my virtual team building company  ?

Talent Intelligence is one of the most innovative training providers that design the programs with mobile technology and gamification. The team building programs designed by Talent Intelligence has won the Best Team Building Provider Gold Award, HR Vendors Award of the Year 2019.   

5. Is your virtual / online team building package HRDF claimable ?

Yes. Talent Intelligence is an authorised training provider under PSMB (HRDF). The virtual team building is claimable under HRDF SBL & SBL-Khas scheme.

6. I am interested, Who should I contact ?

Kindly click the "Contact Us" button to fill up the inquiry form. Our sales rep will get back to you within 24 hours. Please provide the info stated in the inquiry form, hence, our sales rep could suggest the service offering accordingly. 

Talent Intelligence is an authorized training provider under Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF)



Some of our virtual team building activities: 

Virtual / Online Team Building

Activity Name: Diamond of Amazonia

This is a powerful and exciting simulation whereby numerous motorized boat expedition teams race against each other to the fabled cave and return to the safety of their Base Camp with as much gold as possible. The terrain is dangerous and some teams may not even make it back in time, or alive! Expedition team members take on specific roles and they are given limited starting funds for essentials. As they strategize on their journey plans and navigate expeditiously across the Monkey Jungle, they meet Orang Asli wisemen, villages, waterfalls and a mysterious tomb. Some teams might come across nature’s worst nightmares or even life’s best surprises. All these while going through the treacherous weather conditions in the Monkey Jungle. The full spectrum of human behavior comes to play as teams chart their course of action through uncertain terrain, manage their resources and record their progress in the game while keeping a close eye on the rest of the teams. How will unexpected events in the jungle affect the mindsets of the teams who started out to win. An immersive activity with option for full dress play and in-depth debrief on various entrepreneur mindset issues.

Learning elements – Accountability, adaptability, clarity, commitment, communication, creativity, decision making, esprit de corps, focus, integrity, leadership, organizing skills, ownership, planning, presentation skills, proactivity, problem solving, rapport / trust, resourcefulness, rigor and team effectiveness.


corporate team building

Activity Name: Tribal Challenge

Formation of team based on leadership, team name, team values, team flag with their own unique symbol and a haka war cry. Once we have established the formation of team, we can move all teams through the other three major stages of team development ie Storming, Norming and Performing. Every major process following this is designed to specifically draw out important lessons from each stage of the team’s transformation into a high performing team.

Learning elements – Accountability, clarity, collaboration, commitment, communication, creativity, esprit de corps, leadership, openness, organizing skills, ownership, presentation skills, resourcefulness, responsibility, rigor and team effectiveness.


virtual team building

Activity Name: Atlantis Challenge 

Teams are brought to an unfamiliar land where they have to unravel a challenging puzzle. Limited instructions are given and clues are communicated in a language most unfamiliar to all. This is one of the best problem solving and decision making activity where every member of the team holds a certain amount of information and together, they share their resources to finally arrive at the solution. This activity promotes effective communication and the concept of information filtering and sharing. It requires a high level of participation and rigor in solving the puzzle.

Learning elements – Adaptability, analytical thinking, clarity, collaboration, communication, decision making, leadership, organizing skills, problem solving, resourcefulness, responsibility, rigor and team effectiveness.