Interpersonal Communication Skills

Interpersonal Communication Skills

This workshop is to equip Leaders with all the right “tools” to develop and hone their interpersonal communication skills. The objectives of the workshop are:

•    Increase their awareness of their strengths and potentials.
•    Understand the impact their traits and behavioural values to unleash strengths of others. 
•    Improve communications skills for effectively managing their team.
•    Improve their ability to ask powerful questions, listen actively, provide feedforward ideas and validate others 

Learning Outcomes

Upon completing Interpersonal Communication Skills, participants should be able to: 
•    Learn and understand their own traits and behavioural values 
•    Understand the behavioural tendencies of your team members enabling them to communicate  more effectively
•    Enhance self-awareness of their communication styles
•    Apply interpersonal communication skills effectively in day-to-day interactions

Assessment Criteria

We use Harrisons Assessment Tools as a tool to Engage, Retain and Develop 


We apply an experiential approach to enable participants “learn by doing”.                    
The methodology focuses on:
•    Review and analysis of Pre-Program On-line Harrisons Assessment tools
•    Individual and Group Exercises 
•    Skills practices/Role-plays 
•    Giving & receiving feedback & feedforward
•    Energizers
•    Interactive coaching by Facilitator


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Interpersonal Communication Skills

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•    Behavioral Style and Measurement

     The group will learn to identify each style and gain shared points of reference for better communication. 

•    What are Communications/Elements of Communication

•    Interpersonal Communication Skills 
-    Maintain and enhance self-esteem
-    Sharing Thoughts & Feelings

•    The Key Skills of Interpersonal Communications
    Building Trust
-    Communication
-    Building Safety and Rapport

•     Asking Powerful Questions
-    Purpose of Questions
-    Types of Questions
-    Asking Powerful Questions Practice 

•    Active Listening
-    What is Active Listening?
-    Observing, reflecting, paraphrasing, summarising
-    Active Listening Practice
•    Validation
Participants will learn about validation techniques to give feedback to reinforce and motivate positive behaviour.  They will review and discuss learning from the video on “Validation”.

•    Feedforward
    Participants will learn about approaches to giving and receiving feedback and will also learn a new technique called “Feedforward”. There will be skills practice session on Feedforward  

•    Skills Practice - Putting It All Together
Each participant will be required to participate in a role play where they will put all their learning into the skills practice.  Participants will be required to provide feedback to each other and suggestions for improvements.  

•    Develop Action Plans
Participants will develop an Action Plan to apply their learning.  They will identify what they will need to STOP doing, CONTINUE doing and START doing as well.