The Art of Negotiation Training

The Art of Negotiation Training

This workshop is to equip Leaders with all the right “tools” to develop and hone their negotiation skills. The objectives of the workshop are:

  • Increase their mastery of a set of skills which would make their negotiations more effective.

  • By experimenting with various negotiation techniques will help participants identify the most suitable one for them.

  • Recognize their strengths & weaknesses ie. self-awareness to help them develop strategies to increase their negotiation effectiveness.

  • Learning to assess the style of negotiation counterpart and how to manage it

Learning Outcomes

Upon completing The Art of Negotiation, participants should be able to:

  • Learn and understand what is Negotiation

  • Master a set of negotiation skills which include planning, questioning, listening, using effective non-verbal communications,  brainstorming and evaluating needs

  • Learn the 5-step process of Analysis, Preparation, Communication, Proposal & Commitment

  • Using various tactics/techniques and tools, learn to assess the negotiation counterpart, to manage barriers and attend to ethical issues

  • Recognize their strengths & weaknesses so as to help them develop strategies to increase their negotiation effectiveness.

Assessment Criteria

We use Harrisons Assessment Tools as a tool to Engage, Retain and Develop 


We apply an experiential approach to enable participants “learn by doing”.  
The methodology focuses on:

  • Review and analysis of Pre-Program On-line Harrisons Assessment tools

  • Case studies

  • Individual and group exercises

  • Skills practices

  • Roleplays

  • Giving & receiving feedback & feedforward

  • Energizers

  • Coaching Tools for introduction, sharing ideas & reflection

  • Interactive coaching by Facilitators/Coaches 


Day 1

  • Participants Introductions

Prepare participants to help each other learn. 

  • Types of Negotiations

Understand what negotiation is and the types of negotiation that individuals use for specific negotiation outcomes. 

  • Negotiation Self-Assessment

Identify each participant’s highest impact learning 

  • Core Principles of Negotiation

Understand the primary principles of negotiations and the ways that others influence us   

  •    Steps to Negotiation

Day 2     

  • Investigating Interests

Understand the importance of finding common ground during negotiation.

  • Building Trust and Relationships

Ask powerful questions, listen and analyze others’ points of views to build good relationships during negotiation. 

  • Negotiation Tactics

Identify and demonstrate understanding of common negotiation tactics and how to recognize their use

  • Barriers to Negotiation

Demonstrate understanding of various obstacles to negotiation situations and how to deal with them                                                                         

  • Negotiation Success Factors

Apply effective measures and criteria to a negotiation success plan 

  • Close

Reference Learning Points.