The Total LEADER: Essential Skills for Successful Leadership

The Total LEADER: Essential Skills for Successful Leadership


The Leadership Skills workshop will help participants to master the leadership skills through patience, persistence and hard work, you can be a truly effective leader, just as long as you make the effort needed.


> Acquire knowledge on transforming oneself as a leader.
>  Learn how to tell, sell, participate and delegate duties amongst subordinates.
>  Developing knowledge on setting expectations and goals as a leader.
>  Identify areas to inspire and lead by example to gain mutual respect.
>  Develop qualities as a leader and negotiator


Lecture, Individual & Group Activity, Feedback Sessions, Discussions, Demonstration, Business Games, Role Plays, Videos


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Transformational Leadership via Emotional Intelligence Training

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The Total LEADER: Essential Skills for Succesful Leadership



Day 1
Module 1: How Leadership Evolved
•    What is Leadership 
•    What is Leadership (Exercise)
•    Leadership Characteristics 
•    Leadership Principles 
•    Leadership Principles (Exercise)
•    Leadership through the ages 
•    The Great Man 
•    The Great Man (Exercise)
•    The Trait Theory 
•    Transformational Leadership 
•    Summary

Module 2: Situational Leadership
•    Situational Leadership Model 
•    Situational Leadership: Telling 
•    Situational Leadership: Selling 
•    Situational Leadership: Participating 
•    Situational Leadership: Delegating
•    Exercise

 Module 3: A Personal Evaluation
•    Kouzes and Posner 
•    Kouzes and Posner (Exercise)
•    Personal Assessment 
•    Exercise
•    A Personal Inventory 
•    Create an Action Plan
Module 4: Modelling the Way
•    Personal Assessment 
•    Exercise
•    Inspirational Role Model 
•    Influencing Others’ Perspectives

Module 5: Inspiring a Shared Vision
•    Choose Your Vision 
•    Communicating a Vision 
•    Communicate Your Vision (Exercise)
•    Identifying the Benefit for Others

Day 2
Module 6: Challenging the Process
•    Paradigm Shift Exercise
•    Exercise
•    Your Inner Innovator 
•    Innovation 
•    Exercise 
•    Room for Improvement 
•    Lobbying for Change

Module 7: Enabling Others to Act
•    Encouraging Growth 
•    Creating Mutual Respect 
•    Creating Mutual Respect (Exercise)
•    The Importance of Trust 
•    The Importance of Trust (Exercise)
•    Group Trust 
•    Exercise

Module 9: Encouraging the Heart
•    Sharing Rewards  
•    Sharing Rewards (Exercise)
•    Celebrating Accomplishments 
•    Making Celebration Part of Your Culture

Module 10: Influencing Skill
•    The Art of Persuasion 
•    The Art of Persuasion(Exercise) 
•    The Principles of Influence 
•    The Principles of Influence (Exercise)

Module 11: Setting Goals
•    Create SMART Goals 
•    Create SMART Goals (Exercise)
•    Long-Term Plans 
•    Creating a Support System        
•    Wrap up