Accelerated Time to Perform

Accelerated Time to Perform (ATTP) Training

Accelerated Time to Perform (ATTP)

Accelerated Time to Perform (ATTP) is a process that focuses on onboarding process for new hires that will accelerate the time for them to perform well on their jobs.
Imagine if you’re a manager for a service based company that employs 500 full-time staffs and 1000 part-time staffs.
Let say that your company has a pretty high employee turnover rate and you’re constantly handling training process on a weekly basis.
With training programme usually lasted for 2 days, you’re actually wasting a lot of time training staffs that can potentially leave your company real soon.
What if we tell you that we can help you shorten the training time from the usual 2 days programme to only half a day onboarding programme?!
Based on our research, we’ve indicated that one of the biggest struggles of any organisations now is balancing talent retention.
But what if we tell you that rather than focusing on talent retention, you can speed up the break-even process of the new hires to perform instead?
How to accelerate time to perform for new hires:

  1. Formal onboarding programme

  2. Simplify learning process

  3. Embrace technology in learning

  4. Ongoing conversations and feedback on employee performance

Besides focusing on classroom training, ATTP highly utilises technology in ensuring that your new hires will be performing excellently in no time.
Therefore, we’ve created Talent Intelligence Mobile App (TIMP) as a learning platform for your new hires to get on with the onboarding process and enroll instantly.
Benefits of using Talent Intelligence Mobile App (TIMP) for training

  • Utilize bite-sized learning for online lessons

  • Apply learning on the go anywhere, anytime

  • Practice self-pace learning with readily available materials on TIMP

  • Implement gamification elements to increase engagement



Elevate Your Team Performance with Learning Experience 2.0 Training

Accelerated Time to Perform (ATTP) Training

Coursepad - Mobile Learning Management System

Game for Business - Gamification Platform for Digital Learning



Deliverable 1: Content Strategy Co-creation with Syzygy® Methodology - Estimated 20 hours of on-site meeting, facilitation and focus group discussion. 20 hours of off-site documentation, data analysis and report generation.

Facilitated by Lori Figueiredo, with more than 26 years of instructional design and people development experience with leading organisations like Dell, HP, Cisco Systems, Singapore Airlines, BP and Standard Chartered Bank.

  • Facilitated sessions with Project Team and stakeholders

  • To define mobile content framework and experience using Syzygy® Mobile approach

  • Training sessions to certify Project Team to use the Syzygy® Approach effectively for content and experience architecture.

  • Your organisation mobile training architecture & strategy document to be developed

Extra: We will hire a subject matter expert to work with the project team on the learning design and content

Deliverable 2: Content Design & Development

  • To build and deploy content that is tailor built for mobile

  • Storyboarding of content with subject matter experts/working team

  • Each content piece will contain 5 minutes worth of content and up to 3 minutes worth of activities

  • Each module will be developed to cover the following:

  • Plan: Understand key learning objectives and complete simple self-assessment

  • Learn: Develop video learning content that will facilitate the learning process (replaces the real-life facilitator). Content and graphics will also be deployed where appropriate. Content will be rewritten in a way that it is more understandable and to minimize the use of jargon. Videos will be adapted from the source material and will include, text, animation, and voiceovers.

  • Do & Share: Have learners put key learning behaviours into action via fun in-app activities that make use of the smartphone/tablet’s camera and text input capabilities. These activities are also shared to other users within the community, facilitating conversations between users and increasing engagement (replaces the in-workshop facilitated discussions)

  • Review: Self-assessment to ensure knowledge transfer

  • Different cost based on interactivity level of the content to be developed

 Output: Quality mobile learning content to incorporate into the app

Deliverable 3: Deploying Customised Mobile App for your organisation

  • A technical team will work closely with your organisation and deploy a white-labeled app on the iOS and Android app stores.

  • Content accessible on the Web, iOS app and Android app. 

  • Develop platform to set up scalable mobile app series using Coursepad Technology 

  • Customise branding to reflect your mobile brand guidelines 

  • UAT Testing & fine-tune framework, experience, and technology 

Deliverable 4: App Deployment, Rollout & Ongoing Maintenance for Pilot

  • Support launch and communications

  • Provide ongoing phone & email technical support as well as user training 

  • Up to 500 active user accounts (+RM800 extra monthly for a block of 500 more users).

Enterprise Service Level Agreement with clear resolution times for technical issues'