Energizing The Classroom: Varying Teaching Styles Effectively For Increased Engagement, Comprehension And Retention

Energizing The Classroom: Varying Teaching Styles Effectively For Increased Engagement, Comprehension And Retention


William Cowper famously stated that Variety is the spice of life, That gives it all its flavor. This belief can rightfully serve as a mantra for the classrooms of today.  The educator who can share information through various means is more likely to get and maintain the attention of a broad spectrum of students by ensuring that mixed teaching methods are used in the classroom on a regular basis. Just as students have different styles of learning, teachers must anticipate those styles of learning with mixed methods of teaching.


At the end of program, participants will be able to:

  • Identify different teaching styles available to educators
  • Understand in which circumstances each teaching style is most appropriate
  • Recognize how different teaching methods are most likely to impact learning
  • Employ effective mixed teaching methodology strategies in order to create meaningful learning experiences
  • Create lessons, using mixed teaching methods in order to communicate most effectively with students for maximised learning 
  • Effectively demonstrate and recognize various teaching methods in action


Lecturers, teachers, trainers, and administrators in educational institutions who are directly or indirectly involved in the teaching and learning environment.  


Multiple Intelligence Theory & Practical Training

Cross Cultural Awareness & Strategies In The Classroom

Creating & Maintaining A Students Centered Classroom



Day 1
Module 1 – What are the various teaching techniques available to educators

  • Historical information and application within the classroom
  • Rationale supporting each technique
  • Various challenges with implementation

Module 2 – Teaching Techniques to match Learning Styles

  • Various student learning styles
  • Various methods of teaching
  • Matching theories of teaching and learning styles

Module 3 – The Importance of Varying Teaching Styles

  • Owning your current style while polishing it
  • Incorporating new styles into your routine
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of teaching styles

Day 2
Module 4 – Infusing your lesson planning with variety and FLOW

  • The Big Picture down to the Fine Details of planning your curriculum
  • Determining the most suitable teaching style based on students’ needs
  • Engaging learners based on their learning styles

Module 5 – The flexible teacher in action

  • Appraisal of Mixed Methods of Teaching the in the real classroom
  • Real Time demonstration of effective mixed methods teaching with peer feedback