Effective Classroom/Studio Management And Communication

Effective Classroom/Studio Management And Communication Training


Effective management of a classroom setting is the first and most important way in which a teacher establishes boundaries, structures, routines and expectations within the classroom.  With a clear system for classroom management, all stakeholders (teachers, children, parents) can progress through the year with a clear sense of appropriate behavior. Above and beyond a teacher’s awareness of classroom management theory is their ability to choose the correct strategy for unique situations that present themselves in the classroom on a daily basis.  Having an established toolkit for managing students and lessons is the surest way to enable educators to feel competent and confident in their classrooms. 

At the end of program, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the different learning /behavioral styles of students
  • Recognize how teacher perceptions influence the learning outcomes and classroom atmosphere
  • Employ effective classroom management strategies to manage discipline problems and create meaningful learning experiences in the classroom
  • Communicate effectively with students to maximise students’ learning 
  • Effectively address behavior with appropriate solutions

Lecturers, teachers, trainers, and administrators in educational institutions who are directly or indirectly involved in the teaching and learning environment.  


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Cross Cultural Awareness & Strategies In The Classroom

Creating & Maintaining A Students Centered Classroom



Day 1
Module 1 – What is Effective Classroom Management

  • What does it look like?
  • What are the challenges with implementation?

Module 2 - Setting YOUR tone in YOUR classroom

  • The Importance of first impressions
  • Establishing Rules from the start
    • Rules and Consequences

Module 3 – The Importance of Teacher Perception of Students

  • Setting the right example
  • Encouraging learners to share your philosophy
  • Be Firm, Be Fair
  • Positive Feedback

Day 2
Module 4 – The Importance of Time Management

  • Routines
  • Meaningful Breaks
  • What to do when it all falls apart
  • Keeping Learners Occupied & On-task

Module 5 – Consequences

  • Correcting consistently disruptive behavior
  • Correcting bad habits with preferred behavior

Module 6 – The effective teacher in action

  • Real Time demonstration of effective classroom management with peer feedback