Speak & Present Like a PRO!

Speak and Present Like a PRO Training


Your ability to express yourself can be your plan of attack to stay on the cutting edge of your profession. Your tongue may be the sword to slay the dragons of fear, waste or mediocrity. Your speech may be the sword that leads your colleagues to the front lines of productivity, quality service and growth.
Nothing makes you more visible in the corporate world than the ability to express yourself and present your points before a group. This specially designed 2-day training helps develop and refine your public speaking and presentation skills, empowering you to use your competitive edge in expressing your intentions whenever the opportunity presents itself. By providing you with a rigorous training environment, your active participation in our program will enable you to apply and sustain your learning to a point of forming winning habits. You will have the power of public speaking and presentation skills that will support you to sway, motivate and captivate your audience. 

Speak & Present Like A Pro! focuses on the following areas:
•    Confidence
•    Connectivity
•    Content development
•    Content delivery
•    Context setting


After completing the training, you should be able to:
> Build winning relationships with your audience; employees, colleagues, customers and the public
> Discover and model your public speaking style to others
> Use various public speaking strategies to achieve any desired outcome
> Speak with confidence
> Rediscover your passion of public speaking


To change your direction, shift your thinking.
However long ago you learnt to ride a bicycle, it’s likely an experience you’ve never forgotten. The skill remains with you today. When was your last corporate training program? How much of what was learnt is actively applied in your business today? Are all that remains the workshop manuals left on your shelf? 
Our programs are initiatives that last. They encourage new ways of thinking. They open up ways to create extraordinary achievements. We believe individual behavior and attitude contribute significantly to the overall excellence of your organization. So we focus on what really matters.
Our unique methodology of combining experiential, instructional and discovery learning, and supported by modern coaching technology, creates powerful shifts in attitudes and behavior that will encourage sustainable change in your organization. These changes make an impact on results where it matters.
In our programs, you can expect an extensive use of case studies, debriefing, dyads, facilitated coaching, feedback, games and activities, group discussions, lectures, psychodramas, simulations, story-telling and structured instruments. 


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Effective Presentation Skills

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Day 1:

Module 1: Overview
•    Context setting
•    Preparing to present using the 3Ps
•    Defining your presentation
•    Content prioritization
•    Presentation planning sheet

Module 2: Drafting Your Speech
•    Reverse engineering
•    The 3-point Max rule
•    The OPENINGS model
•    Types of closers
•    Practice makes perfect

Module 3: Building Confidence
•    Fear reducing tactics
•    ACT
•    Creating stage time
•    Breaking the ice
•    The PEEC networking model

Module 4: Making Connection
•    The VAK model
•    Applying the PEM elements
•    Directing a Spielberg moment
•    Using windows to the soul
•    The I-2-U ratio

Day 2:

Module 5: Creating And Sustaining Interest
•    Life and people
•    Using anecdotes
•    Starting a material file
•    Mining and research
•    Hunt for the promoters 

Module 6: Presentation Flight 1
•    Live demonstration
•    The Hot Seat
•    The role of the audience
•    The art of feedback
•    Objective and subjective review

Module 7: Presentation Flight 2
•    Live demonstration
•    The Hot Seat
•    The role of the audience
•    The art of feedback
•    Objective and subjective review

Module 8: Coaching Wisdom 
•    SRP and the case for ASK
•    The art of story telling
•    Time limitations
•    Use of notes
•    The secret of a great speaker