Presentation Skills Training Course Malaysia

Power Up Your Presentation with High Engagement and Persuasion Training


No matter how good or important a message, if it’s not delivered in an interesting and effective way, chances is it won’t be heard at all.  Strong presentation skills can advance a career.  Poor   engagement, presentation and speaking skills can ground a rising star.  In these three days session, learners will learn how to conquer the podium and deliver presentations that get results.  From dynamic introductions to powerful closings, participants will have an opportunity during this seminar to practice and refine their platform skills.

Upon completing these two (2) Days session, the learners should be able to:

  • Need Understand audience and be empathy. Customization of content based on audience 
  • Making effective powerpoint slide
  • 1 Slide Presentation exercise 
  • Revamp existing presentation to measure the learning effectiveness
  • Monthly Management Update to client / new business development and pitch presentation (2 key topics) 
  • Engaging Presentation Style (2 way presentation) / time constraint 
  • Objection and question how presenter deal with it


  • Assessments on conducting an interactive delivery session
  • Demonstrations and group mobility dynamics through the preparation of training resources 
  • Interactive Management Games both individuals and groups
  • Peer-level feedback and Assessor’s feedback for ‘ areas of improvement


Interpersonal and Communication Skills

Emotional Intelligence Training

Effective Presentation Skills

Design Thinking for HR

Branding Yourself: Professional Image & Business Etiquette Training




Day 1
Group Introduction and ‘ice-breaking’ Rapport Building 

What it looks Like: The Anatomy of a Successful Training And Presentation Sessions

  • This program begins with an examination of the parts of a presentation: a successful introduction, effective transitions, and captivating conclusions.  Participants will dive in "head first" with a short practice presentation illustrating principles discussed.
  • We need to understand audience and be empathy. Customization of content based on audience

What Do Your Audience Look Like...: Understanding Audience Differences

  • Using Business Training Works' signature diagnostic tool, Adult Learning Styles, participants will identify their own presentation styles, the styles of different types of audience members, and how to adjust to each for better communication
  • We will be making effective power point slide and 1 Slide Presentation exercise 

Presentation VS Facilitation

  • Deliver an effective and impactful experiential presentations session - strategies and perspective
  • Apply latest adult learning theories to design and delivery – Facilitation Skills and Techniques

Group Dynamics Session (1)
NLP Mindset

  • Understanding NLP concept from presentation and delivery perspective
  • Managing oneself and audience during presentation session.
  • Applying NLP concepts in communicating with audience/participants
  • Identify method to prevent difficult behaviours

Communication techniques

  • verbal and non-verbal
  • connecting with the audience
  • getting audiences buy in and participation
  • gestures, facial expressions and body language

Day 2
Group Dynamics Session (2)
Know-It-Alls, Talkers, and Bullies: Managing Hecklers

  • It is sometimes said that "there is one in every group."  A difficult person makes the job of a presenter a challenge at best.  Learning how to manage those audience members who "don't want to be there" is an essential skill of top speakers.  This segment explores handling difficult people and challenging situations.
  • Preparation and Personal Coaching for each individual participant on their Presentations Session towards the finale of the Day 2. Direct tips, feedback on the preparation of the power points and materials needed for an effective training and presentation session.
  • Revamp existing presentation to measure the learning effectiveness

Presentation skills as trainer

  • Presentation skills to deliver content
  • Engage participants and maintain interest
  • Techniques in answering impromptu question
  • Monthly Management Update to client / new business development and pitch presentation (2 key topics) 
  • Engaging Presentation Style (2 way presentation) / time constraint 

Engagement Tools and Techniques

  • Choosing and using VSK technique is an integral part of many presentations.  This lesson reviews available options and the benefits and drawbacks of each

Negotiation skills

  • Dealing with difficult participants
  • Positively influence in all aspects of a negotiation
  • Objection and question how presenter deals with it

People Who Can, Do: Preparation and Practice

  • The program concludes with participants making various kinds of presentations: explanatory, informative, persuasive, etc.  Each participant will be videotaped for review and critique.

At the program's conclusion, participants will understand what makes a high-impact interactive and engaging presentation sessions will have practiced and been critiqued on newly acquired skills.