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Workplace Gamification in Action at Vinda Group

Gamified Meeting to Increase Engagement among Senior Management

Gamification is the process of integrating game mechanics into a system that already exists to motivate participation, engagement, & loyalty,” defined by Bunchball. With gamification tapping into Malaysian markets, employers are settling on the concept to work with their workforce.


According to Datuk Wan Hisham Wan Salleh, president and chief executive officer of Dale Carnegie Training Malaysia, employee engagement has become more accepted among employers that it is no longer a buzzword, but a real concept and strategy to retain employees for the long run, companies are looking into best practices of employee engagement and seeking gamification solutions.


Malaysia is in an exciting time and place to invest in workplace gamification. Being the pioneer in the workplace gamification consulting solutions, Talent Intelligence leads projects in collaboration with Tic Tac Toe Consulting to improve motivation, engagement, participation and retention of employees.


On 18-20 January 2017, an annual management meeting at Vinda Group—the third largest tissue company in China, and the world's second largest tissue market, was gamified to increase participation and communication in the meeting topics, generate more ideas across different functions of the organisation, and retain the company’s values among the management group.


With Talent Intelligence’s extensive network in the gamification domain, it is able to collaborate with The Octalysis Group - one of the world's leading gamification consultancy company to assist in completing the project. With their assistance, Talent Intelligence was able to deliver exceptional results, progress, and rewards that were still aligned with Vinda's business metrics. It also brought to an understanding of different types of players in the management team in order to feed the right triggers and exhibit desired behaviours.


In the event, Talent Intelligence sought out a gamification enhanced app called SelfDrvn, which successfully provided a platform where Vinda’s group achieved its goals for the meeting. The use of gamification strategy helped change the experience of the meeting. More ideas were openly suggested and validated through a fun and engaging way. The senior management group portrayed desired behaviors like competitiveness, learning curiosity, and active participation.

Faye Yong, the Marketing Director of Vinda, expressed feedback to the app was that communication before and during the conference was eased between organizers and attendees about any updates. The management attendees were very responsive to the app especially because of the gamified mechanics built into the app. "The point system is great! You get gratification and rewards for activities that you did and it was exciting. That was good and important to me," Benny Wong, Commercial Director of Vinda, said at the meeting.


With the use of the app as a tool, Vinda was able to experience gamification that made its management meeting more meaningful to everyone, especially when it comes to generating new ideas for the year ahead. An enthusiastic team effort was greatly fostered among the group.

Join the Gamification in HR Workshop that will be held on 17 & 18 May 2017 to learn about the application of gamification in the workplace.

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