Coaching for Leaders Workshop

Coaching for Leaders Training

Coaching skills have become such a critical need that leaders and managers have now added coaching into their required skills sets.  Recognizing this need, the Coaching For Leaders program focuses on developing participants with the essential skills and techniques of coaching through an interactive and hands-on learning process.  This 2-day workshop will coach the participants on how to use a coaching style of leadership to build commitment and enhance performance. Our main emphasis is on the development of practical competencies which can be applied immediately and effectively. 

Skills & Tools:

•Distinctions between Coaching, Mentoring & Counseling
•The Coaching Mindset
•Building Trust
•Powerful Questions
•Active Listening
•The Power of Validation
•Usage of the GROW Model in everyday Coaching Conversations

What you can expect:
- Interactive Coaching
- Individual & Group Exercises
- Role Plays & Case Studies
- Giving & Receiving Feedback
- 12 Skills Practices
- Facilitated by experienced Coach


Day 1:

  • Introductions
  • What is Coaching
  • Why do you want to coach?
  • Coaching Defined
  • What are the key skills of a coach?
  • Coaching Skills 1  : Building Trust
  • Coaching Skills 2  : Asking Powerful Questions
  • Coaching Skills 3  : Active Listening
  • Day 1 Summary

Day 2:

  • Coaching Skills 4: Feedback & Feedforward
  • Coaching Skills 5:  Validation Scaling Technique
  • GROW Model
  • Role Play Demo
  • Skills Practice
  • Skills Practice Review
  • Program Summary/Action Plan