Direct Imagery for a Better Well- Being

Direct Imagery for a Better Well- Being

Synopsis: Our mind is a powerful tool and if used right, can propel us to greater heights. But if its stuck, it causes us to view things negatively, have doubts or have a narrow mind set. Thus, identifying the way our mind works, how we can train it to help us, and how we can allow it to help us, will make us much more efficient in life. You’ll be amazed at the true potentials that we really have.



Introduction to the Mind

  • Understanding the conscious mind
  • Understanding the subconscious mind

Understanding your self

  • Identifying your learning system
  • Understanding your favourite style of relaxation

Setting goals

  • Setting efficient goals and making it permanent
  • Understanding what you need vs. want

Direct Imagery Exercises

  • Teaching methods of visualisation for efficiency
  • Crafting suggestions based on goals, needs and wants