Basic Counselling Skills

Basic Counselling Skills

Synopsis: We all can talk and hear. But can we really communicate and listen? Instead of speaking with the head, this module teaches you how to speak with your heart. Counselling doesn’t just work in the helping profession, it can be adopted effectively into every field. Once you master the art of effective communication, it will help you get what you want easier, close sales better, negotiate better and just have things go smoother in your life. 



The art of communication

  • Communicating based on personalities
  • Understanding colleagues and the people around you

Basic listening

  • Listening and understanding
  • Engaging and responding the right way

Basic counseling

  • Speaking effectively to achieve a goal
  • Leading, pacing, paraphrasing etc

Counseling in everyday use

  • Helps you achieve what you want easier
  • Adopting it to sale, negotiation, persuasion