Spruce Up Your Image

Spruce Up Your Image

Synopsis: Judgments are made about people based on the image they display as a result of appearance and behavior. This occurs before the individual’s level of competence or performance is determined and even before any verbal communication is made. Consequently, the significance of professional image in the corporate world is substantial where to a certain extent, the corporate world is still more conservative in its regard towards professionalism. Therefore, grooming your employees’ professional image is of utmost importance that will result in higher productivity, better interpersonal relationships and improve self-confidence that will leave a positive and powerful lasting impression on the business stakeholders.




The Power of Your Visual Statement

• Create a Lasting First Impression – 6 Second Impact

• The ABC of Image

Groom and Broom Your Image

• Presenting Your Personal Best

  • Camouflage Techniques

• Unlock Your Magic Colour

Create A Winning Presence

• Unleash Your Elegance with Right Poise & Posture

• Pleasing Facial Expressions & Power of Smiles

Business Etiquette and Protocol

• Meet, Greet and Introduce with Confidence

  • Etiquette & Protocol of non-verbal cues and Addressing Titles
  • Telephone and Social Media Etiquette