Shine Bright Like a Diamond- Online Etiquette

Shine Bright Like a Diamond- Online Etiquette


In today’s world it is important to recognize that we are advancing more and more in the online world. It is important for us to stand out online through effective online communication strategies. How can we be different from others? How can we be an invaluable asset to our company by being an effective communicator? We all need to make our presence known effectively so that we can have better communication with everyone and create a positive online presence.


Learning Outline:

Module 1- Common Mistakes

  • Email mistakes in communication
  • Presentation “don’ts”

Module 2- Ace Your Email Etiquette

  • Structure of emails
  • How to encourage difficult employees through email

Module 3- Virtual Body Language

  • Body language and camera angles
  • Open & confident postures in meetings and presentations

Module 4- Managing Online Presence

  • Interaction with audience and getting their attention
  • Self-confidence in online communication (meetings and presentations)