Self-Worth and Self-Confidence

Self-Worth and Self-Confidence

Synopsis: Worthiness is a virtue that helps us to trust ourselves more and move forward in our lives in a more confident manner. Yet, we have been conditioned to place our sense of worth to external factors such as achievements and validation from others. It is time to reclaim our power. In this talk, we will be exploring strategies to develop and strengthen our sense self-worth as well as self-confidence to make better decisions in our lives.



Introduction to Self- Worth

·       Definitions Of Self-Worth

·       Beliefs About Self-Worth In The Asian Context

Strategies to Develop Self-Worth 

·       How Much Do You Value Yourself?

·       Ways To Develop And Strengthen Self-Worth In The 21st Century

Introduction to Self-Confidence

·       Definitions Of Self-Confidence

·       Bandura’s Self-Efficacy Theory

Strategies to Increase Self-Confidence

·       The Ways Our Thoughts, Feelings, And Behaviours Shape Us

·       Strategies To Increase Self-Confidence From The Mental, Emotional And Behavioral Perspective