Positive Work Attitude

Positive Work Attitude


Collaboration is a trait a company cannot survive without. People usually find it so easy to point someone out for faults, or label them as a lazy and unproductive worker. How can we make sure we do not fall into that category? How can we be invaluable to our work team? The self-values that we have can be magnified to help create a collaborative positive work culture so that as employees we will not be dragging our feet to work. This talk will look into the values that make a good work ethic and the power of teams. Lastly the talk also will cover effective strategies that can be used to help get that spark back to have a positive work attitude.


Learning Outline:

Module 1- Good Employee

  • What is a good employee in the caring industry?
  • Self-reflection activity on work ethics

Module 2- Cultivate Good Work Ethics

  • 10 important, most sought-after work ethics to have for positive care
  • Positive communication

Module 3- Positive Teamwork

  • Working as a team (collaboration with colleagues)
  • Working as a team (collaboration with customers)

Module 4- Epilogue

  • Finding purpose at the workplace
  • Dealing with difficult people