Positive Thinking To Transform Your Life

Positive Thinking To Transform Your Life


Hopelessness and despair seem to be similar themes when COVID-19 hit the world end of the year 2019. People started losing jobs, feeling family and work burnouts, feeling lonely, and becoming fed up with the pandemic. All these situations seem to take a toll on the members of society. How can we find the faith and zeal to move on? Something must be done! There is always light at the end of the tunnel, and hope for all. Employees that feel burnout can find the zeal to go to work, with a purpose.

Learning Outline:

Module 1- Overview & Self-reflection

  • Mental implications of COVID-19, burnout
  • What is positivity? -Positive thinking activity

Module 2- Reframing

  • “Here and now” concept
  • Positive communication tools

Module 3- Finding Joy and Purpose at work

  • Writing a personal statement at work, tips to make work fun (post-burnout)
  • Shedding a bad day

Module 4- Mood tracking

  • How to maintain a positive work-life balance?
  • Mood tracking apps