Topic: Developing Growth and Abundance Mindsets

Developing Growth and Abundance Mindsets



Everywhere we go, people say the same things:


“I’m a failure. There’s nothing else I can do.”


“I’m no longer young, and I’ve achieved absolutely nothing in my life.”


or maybe:


“I need to keep taking more work otherwise I’m missing out.”


Well, just like a bow and arrow, the more we pull and cling onto things, the more they’ll try to dart away from us.


So why do we feel this irresistible need to torment ourselves by replaying our “failures” over and over in our minds? Why do we cling onto horrible habits even when we’re miserable?


The truth is, studies have shown that as humans, we are collectively facing unprecedented and historical levels of stress and nervousness. The way we receive information has made us horribly instant-gratification minded, and we are constantly seeking to blame someone else or control external circumstances.


Perhaps it’s time for us to understand ourselves a bit better, and to develop Growth and Abundance Mindsets which are more helpful for us.




The Link between Thoughts, Emotions and Behaviours

  • What research and data tells us about thoughts, emotions and behaviours

Why is there Pain in our Lives?

  • Why do the same bad things keep happening to us?

Developing a Growth Mindset

  • Understanding why the way we absorb information is affecting our anxiety and stress levels
  • Challenging the belief that we only have a limited capacity and pre-set amount of ability and talent
  • Learning that we can grow from failures and that perseverance and hard work lead to success

Developing an Abundance Mindset

  • Challenging the belief that resources are scarce and that we have to cling onto individualism
  • Learning that collaboration, giving and sharing will lead to greater gains for everyone