The Power Of Your Mind and Power of Words

The Power Of Your Mind and Power of Words

Our biggest critique is ourselves. Many people have voices in their minds feeding them with negative thoughts and believes. Your choice of words affects the way you think and the way people react to you. The words that you use on yourself too will affect the way you feel and react. This section is not a language class, but will instead teach you how to change the pattern of the words you use.



Power of Words

  • Comparing positive and negative words

Creating PositiveSelf- Talk

  • Reframe the negative to a positive
  • How to craft positive suggestions

Constructive Self-Talk

  • Definition of self-talk
  • Constructive language for self-talk and conversation with others`

Living with Positivity

·       Adopting and believing in the positive statements

·       Identifying different methods to instill it in your life