Stress Management and Burnout Prevention

Stress Management and Burnout Prevention

Synopsis: We are living in unprecedented times where we are expected to adapt to situations faster than ever before. This has taken a toll on professionals across industries as they struggle to cope with higher expectations while trying their best to make sense of the uncertainty of a pandemic that has no indication of ending anytime soon. This talk will provide practical techniques to manage stress levels and burnout for better performance as well as increased feelings of wellbeing.




Stress management in the time of the pandemic

  • How Did The Pandemic Change The Way We Work In The 21st Century?
  • WFH: A Blessing Or A Burden?

What is burnout?

  • Definitions Of Burnout
  • Signs & Symptoms Of Burnout

Challenges in preventing and managing burnout

  • Factors That Influence The Effectiveness In Managing Burnout
  • Burnout In A Systemic Perspective

Strategies to prevent and manage burnout

  • Basic Strategies To Prevent And Manage Burnout
  • The Eisenhower Matrix – A Classic Time Management Strategy For Work And Life Integration