Emotion Regulation and Self-Care For Better Performance

Emotion Regulation and Self-Care For Better Performance

Synopsis: When we take better care of ourselves, we become the master of our emotions. Unfortunately, self-care is the first thing to be disregarded at this day and age. This leads to communication breakdowns, decreased performance levels and reduced satisfaction levels in our own lives. Therefore, we will be covering strategies to regulate our emotions and take care of ourselves in a more effective manner.




Introduction to Emotion Regulation

• Definition Of Emotions

• The Stress Response And Emotions

Emotion Regulation Strategies

• Definition Of Emotion Regulation

• Emotion Regulation Strategies

Introduction to Self-Care

• Definition Of Self-Care

• Why Is It So Hard To Take Care Of Yourself?

Self- Care Strategies

• The 6 Aspects Of Self-Care

• The S.A.F.E. Formula For Effective Self-Care Strategies