Burnout 101: Searching for the Silver Lining

Burnout 101: Searching for the Silver Lining


With the pressure of the COVID-19 pandemic, many are directly and indirectly hit either with pandemic fatigue, career problems, family issues and financial issues. It may be tricky to achieve, but it is crucial that we develop a positive mental attitude to fight stress and burnout and learn how to look for that silver lining in life. The talk will look into the various types of stress and burnout in our life day-to-day lives during this pandemic. The talk will also cover effective strategies that anyone can use in their lives to prevent or manage the various types of burnout and even simple everyday stressors in their lives.


Learning Outline:

Module 1: Stress vs Burnout

  • What is Stress? How is it different from Pandemic Fatigue and Burnout?
  • Family & Workplace Burnout

Module 2: Down Day Map (Personal Stress Map) 

  • What are the stressors that may be causing my mini/mega burnout?
  • Drawing a Down Day Map (group sharing)


Module 3: Reflection & Relaxation

  • The Three A Approach to Burnout situations (introduction)
    • Alter
    • Avoid
    • Accept (& adapt)
  • Effective Relaxation Techniques

Module 4: Embracing Positivity- Find the Silver Lining

  • Specific methods of finding meaning in life through the Three A Approach
  • Reframe your mind