Be the Best Version of YOU! – Developing Resilience

Be the Best Version of YOU - Developing Resilience


When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When life gives you challenges, make it a learning experience! This talk will look into how we can be the best versions of ourselves by learning to play our strengths, managing adversity, and developing good self-resilience.

Learning Outline:

Module 1- Self-awareness

  • What is self-awareness? Explanation of characteristics
  • Activity on self awareness, what are my stressors and strengths

Module 2- Playing Your Strengths

  • Identifying what you are good at
  • Redesign you job to suit your strengths

Module 3- Managing adversity

  • Challenge vs problem
  • Stress management strategies at work

Module 4- Increasing resilience

  • Why should we have resilience? What is resilience?
  • Helpful thinking patterns and behaviours