ALPHA Sales Strategy

ALPHA Sales Strategy

Program Rationale

Everybody knows that selling is an important skill, like driving, swimming and cycling. If we can learn to drive a car, swim or cycle, we can learn to sell effectively.

Great Sales people are NOT born but trained. The myth of a natural born sales person is debunked daily by unassuming sales champions. There are sales people who are extrovert as there are who are introvert. Most people knows of at least 1 person who started as a reluctant sales person, with none of the “natural” selling abilities but was trained, coached and sold his/her way to success.

Sales is the most natural skill every human learns from birth. Every baby knows to sell is to survive, they sell the pleasure of their smile or the pain of their cry to their carers when they want something. Everyone sold the some idea to a friend or family at some point in their lives. Every employee sold the idea of being hired during the interview. What is less understood is the decision making process.


Program Outcome

Upon completing this workshop, participants should be able to :

  • Understand the sales cycle and how the decision-making process works
  • Overview ,  having knowledge of the entire process to get more insights to how sales actually works.
  • Execute, Sales personals would be able to immediate work on their pitch or sales approach after the class.


Program Methodology

Trainer incorporates technologies learnt from Neuro Associative Conditioning, Neuro Action Technology and fundamental Neuro Linguistic Programming with Action Learning to create an environment where participants will be fully engaged on both conscious and subconscious level.

Training is delivered in a highly interactive and experiential way. Concepts and background information are presented through group exercises, discussion and activities creating an environment that facilitates accelerated learning and application.

The trainer will facilitate discussion of real issues and challenges that the participants face in their work and private lives. Each activity will be thoroughly de-briefed to link the learning to real life situations.


Program Value Proposition

A vast body of scientific evidence now exists on how, when, and why people say “yes” to requests.   Among them is the study of NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming.

NLP is about modelling; studying, understanding and transferring the skills of top performers in any field.  By using NLP, your people will be able to enhance their regular activity into a focussed, energetic and strategic experience.

NLP is an advanced tool used by many successful professionals in a whole range of activities. The simplicity of the tool plus its effectiveness makes it a much sought after edge of today’s professionals.

Participants will learn, practice and assimilate these skills into their daily activities until they become unconsciously competent in these skills.


Course Outline

DAY 1:

Step (I) – Effective Mindset

Everybody Is Selling

Set the correct mind, redefine your mind to redefine your future.

Employee VS Intrapreneur, the difference of mindset

Marlow Hierarchy Revisited to understand the difference between the generations


Step (II) – ABC Of Selling In Tough Times

Advertise VS Selling

100% Belief

Creating Curiosity


Step (III) – Selling 101

What is Selling?

Understanding Sales Cycle

ALPHA System


Step (IV) – Prospecting

Listening to the needs of the prospect.

Great Questions gets greater results

Activity           : Who’s who

Purpose          : To equip sales personals the ability to visually profile customer.

Additional      : To equip sales personals to profile customer by the words used by a customer.


Step (V) –  ATTRACT

Setting the Right Outcomes

Activity           : Trade Tycoon (Business Simulation)

Purpose          : To let sales personal experience years of sales within hours and practise what real sales and to think on their feet within the period of the simulation.       


DAY 2:


Gain leverage on Prospect’s Pain, by asking the right probing questions.

Create curiosity to get prospects attention to listen for more.

Qualify prospect to know buying signal

Get Permission to Present, understand which stage is the prospect at before presenting. Using the AIDA principle to better position 1 self before presenting.



Hypnotic Words that influences the mind

Activity           : Sell, Sell , Sell

Purpose          : To make sure sales person practise and sales even the hardest items in the world. To instil that sales is easy, as long as using the right methods.


Step (IV) – HANDLE

Reframing Objections before they arise

3 F Method to handle any objection

Objection=Interest Mindset


Step (X) – ACTION

Easiest Sales Close

ABC of Closing

Overcoming Closing Resistance

Activity : Escape from Camp

Objective : To internalise and drive in commitment to excellence and each other.

Activity           : Escape from Camp

Purpose          : To ensure that all participants become 100% committed to what they set out to achieve.


Putting It Together

Summarise & Close