Accelerated Sales

Accelerated Sales


Sales is a critical skill that is not taught in schools. In the past many deem it too be sleazy and demeaning, but today sales a main focus. Today’s business market is so different that the way of executing of sales has changes, however the fundamentals are still the same.  

Learning Objective

The following fundamental skills will be acquired in this program:

  1. Market Insight – the ability to understand different aspects of individual costumers, 1 shoe does not fit all. How to identify the correct customer to have better results.
  2. Mind Decision Cycle –the ability understands what is the state of the customer. Which stage to close a sale is higher than the other stages
  3. SELL!!! – What are the types of Selling styles are there?Whats the difference? Why use 1 style over the other? Which would be more appropriate? It is matching the right tools for the right job.
  4. Evaluate – participants would learn to see the patterns on where they did great and where can be improve, after a sale is made. If a sale did not happen, what when wrong? I always say ignore the mistakes and lose the greater teachers of all.

Upon completing this 1-days workshop, participants should be able to :

  • Identify the specific market to target and grow into.
  • Install & Utilise , experience the theories and get real experience to immediately use them in their respective areas.
  • Design & Deliver a sales presentation that appeals directly to the decision-making mind of the customer. Getting the customer interested in what you are saying.

Target Participants: Sales Personals 

Group Size: 25 participants per class

Duration: 2 x 4 hours. (1 full day, Face to Face or Online)


Trainer brings 18 years of sales experience in various industries, to share with the participants. Sales examples given are real scenarios which had happen. Making the learning realistic and applicable.   

Training is delivered in a highly interactive and experiential way. Concepts and background information are presented through group exercises, discussion and activities creating an environment that facilitates accelerated learning and application.

The trainer will facilitate discussion of real issues and challenges that the participants face in their work and private lives. Each activity will be thoroughly de-briefed to link the learning to real life situations.

Program Value Proposition:

The market environment is every changing, hence the way of doing sales must also evolve. Hard core sales methods no longer bare results.

Understanding the market (customers) are key to today’s sales environment. It is no longer about the sales but about the customer’s needs and wants.

Delivering value to the customers will ensure a long terms sales relationship. Sometimes we “can lose a battle but we win the war.”

It is crucial that pipelines are build today for the future. By understanding the customers , one can lay the foundation of growth for the years to come.


Course Outline:

Module 1: Sales and objection handling.

Understand the essence of information management and power questioning to better handle customers.  Negotiate to the next level, thus gaining the customer’s trust and confidence.

Activity            : No objection.

Learning Outcome     : How handle a problem, and look for better solutions thru objection handling.

Module 2 : Pain and Pleasure

Understanding how a motivated customer is better than a normal customer. How do we then turn the customer into a motivated customer? Pain and Pleasure will teach you exactly how.

Module 3 : Persuasive Sales 

Understand the who you are selling increase your chance of sales. Many think sales is about smooth talking, well it is but to the right audience. With the right match, one can almost certainly get sales. 

Activity            : Who’s who, and how to persuade 

Learning Outcome     : Understanding your market and targeted audience and how to better match the sales to the target customer.

Module 4 : Colored Questions 

The art of powerful questions, unravelling the heck out of a sale!

Module 5 : The Decision Cycle of the Mind

Understand the 4 stages of the decision cycle. Which stage would be the best for sale closing or even negotiation.

Module 6 : Sales is as EASY as ABC

Learning 3 essential closing techniques that can help you power through your sales. 

Module 7 : Putting It All Together

Case Studies, Brain Storming & Project Planning