Virtual Teams - Building A Resilient Team Programme

Virtual Teams: Building A Resilient Team Programme

Keeping our emotions in check has become a great challenge in our working lives as we are compelled to change our usual ways of work, from adapting to new technologies, shifting priorities, longer work hours to even how we interact and engage with our team members. Social distancing and remote work arrangements has resulted in lack of communication and disengagement within teams which may result in disconnection, increased stress levels and decreased productivity. As a matter of fact, having supportive team members are now more important than ever to collectively persevere through this challenging time. 

As a start, understanding and learning to better manage our own emotions is the core in cultivating a successful team culture. Thus, addressing emotional intelligence and resilience is a logical approach for employees to respond more effectively to stressors, resolve issues, and support team members altogether.

Talent Intelligence is proud to introduce the "Building A Resilient Team" Programme that is a 100% engaging interactive facilitation session focused on building resilience in both individuals and teams through increased understanding and effective implementation of the resilient mindset as well as reconnecting team members digitally.


Building A Resilient Team

Upon completing the programme, you should be able to

  • Create a trustful and safe working environment for one another

  • Create meaningful conversations within team members

  • Manage emotional behaviours that impact work-based relationships and decisions

  • Integrate empathy to promote strong team player attributes

  • Better time management to increase productivity and quality of work

  • Improve overall mental wellbeing with coping strategies and destress techniques

The journey of Building A Resilient Team Programme consists of: 

  • Mood Tracker (mental health screening tool) 
  • Mobile Learning with Gamification 
  • Virtual Facilitation Session

Building A Resilient Team Exclusive Package


How often do we check-up on our mental health? Employees' checking their mental health states (depression, anxiety and stress) is made simple with Eunoia's Mood Tracker. 

The self-report survey takes less than 10 mins to complete and individuals will receive a digital copy of personalised report on their results. Teams analysis can be populated upon provision of teams list.

Gametize is designed to support the delivery of a gamified building resilience programme. The platform redefines the learning experience with its sleek user experience, automated feedback and rewards system.

One (1) hour virtual facilitation session on topics relating to developing mental fitness conducted by our subject matter experts. 

Virtual Facilitation Session Topics

Select 2 out of 5 preferred options on virtual facilitation topics: 

  1. Driving Team Relationships with Emotional Intelligence Option 

  2. Managing Change Gracefully As A Team

  3. Creating Meaningful Bonds through Effective Conversations

  4. Stress Management: Is it Selfish to Care for Myself?

  5. Meaning Making for a Purposeful Life

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