Personal Style Management

Personal Style Management

Course Overview
Image is paramount. What creates your image could be a false or true interpretation of ‘self’. This is where individuality and personality amounts. Identity however, is more than just shaping our personalities. Personalities are created from qualities that we hold, whereas identity requires the strength of personal choice ie. what we wear, our appearance and our careers and interests.

Realising and visualising your personal identity is the key in succeeding who and how you want to appear. A well-defined vision helps you to devote your energy and enthusiasm into creating your identity.

‘Dress in everyday life is always more than a shell. It is an intimate aspect of the experience and presentation of the self and is so closely linked to the identity that these three – dress, the body and self – are not perceived separately but simultaneously, as a totality.’

Course Objectives

After completing this course participants will be able to:

  • Discover your Identity through Personality Style Profiling
  • Identify your Core & Universal Style
  • Connecting your Personal Goal & Identity
  • Identify your Personality Strength and Weaknesses
  • Methods to communicate with different personality


1 Day


The foundation of our training is anchored in activity-based experiential learning. This methodology takes into consideration different learning and communication styles, and more importantly speaking the client’s language and understands cultural differences. It is through active participation that the adoption and application of theory is expedited, and it is with that outlook that the basis of each experience is governed by the following parameters:

  • All participants are fully engaged at all times.
  • All engagements are lively and foster knowledge transfer and idea sharing amongst participants.
  • All participants maintain a positive learning environment.
  • All participants leave the course with clear personal action plan and recommendations for addressing critical challenges with their professional development.
  • All participants will explore concepts that will help them bring out the best self into focus, enabling them to be more sensitive, effective, increase awareness and joy in choosing how to lead their life.


Course Outline & Schedule

Day 1

9am                Introduction

  • Why Personality Style is Important?

9.15am           Personality Style Profiling

  • Discover your identity through Personality Style Assessment
  • Discover your Core & Universal Style
  • Discover your Strength & Weaknesses

10.15am         Tea Break

  • Identify the difference of SEVEN Personality Style
  • Understand the personality of each Personality Style (People’s personality)
  • Methods to communicate with each Personality

12.30pm         Lunch

1.30pm           How to use Personality Style to increase your Identity & Branding

  • Design and enhance your identity
  • Methods to create Harmony internally & externally
  • Methods to use Colors, Lines, Styles to increase your identity and totality

3.30pm           Tea Break

3.45pm           Practical Session

  • Discover your personal identity
  • Identify, elaborate, plan and execution to achieve your Personal Branding

5pm                END