Customer Service Essential for Frontliners - 1 Day

Customer Service Essential for Frontliners - 1 Day

Program Objective

This program provides you with the foundation to establish the importance of setting and reviewing customer service standards.

The highlight this will be the key customer service component that brand loyalty and enrich Customer Experience. This will also efficiently enhance your people skills and instill them with best practice of world class customer service provider.


Training Outcome

At the end of this program, participants should be able to

  • Apply the FOUR (4) elements to strategize and execute the business objectives
  • Apply the THREE (3) outlines to enhance skills to represent the organization effectively
  • Apply the FOUR (4) essentials to ensure highest customer satisfaction


Course Outline

What are our core values?

  • How can we apply in what we in order ?
  • How can we incorporate this criteria to achieve desirable performance?
  • Realign success factors and values to reach the company’s strategy
  • execute business objectives
  • Reiterate processes in order to excel
  • Establish CIP (Continuous Improvement Processes)

What are your key focus areas?

  • Incorporate the KPI (Key Performance Index) to achieve “actual” results
  • Identify the areas of improvement to attain KRA (Key Result Area) set by the organization
  • Engage and cultivate the Customer service mindset in order to have a solid workforce with high integrity that delivers quality service effectively and efficiently.


Enforce the skills of the “Golden rule”

Outline 1: How can I effectively incorporate SMILE in the

  • Smile
  • Manage
  • Influence
  • Listen & Look
  • Engage

Outline 2: How can communication skills make a first great impression?

  • Great
  • Respect
  • Evaluate
  • Adjust
  • Thank

Outline 3: Enforce GREAT communication skills

  • How to “seduce” your customer with exceptional customer services
  • How to make an impact to your 10 seconds fame – “First impression makes a lasting impression”


Execute high CSI Customer Satisfaction Index

Customer satisfaction essential 1: Success factors to deliver customer satisfaction

  • What are the vital
  • Body Language and how to project
  • Soft skills versus hard skills
  • Empathize and clarify
  • What actions can be taken to follow up

Customer satisfaction essential 2: Evaluate and set achievable measurement with SMART goals for continuous improvements

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Timely

Customer essential 3: Promote customer loyalty

  • Customer Experience has a major impact in your organization – Yay or Ney?
  • Identify areas of improvement to sustain and maintain customers
  • Ensuring optimum customer satisfaction is achieved to avoid customer retention

Customer essential 4: Resolve a conflict resolution

  • Understand and observe behavioral pattern and personality type to better
  • Is the Customer always right - myth or fact?
  • Efficient service recovery strategy