Labour Law for Manager

Labour Law for Manager


After completing this course participants will be able to: 
1. Understand the general requirements of the Labour Laws of Malaysia and its relative application at 
2. Ability to implement the right processes and procedures covering the following crucial areas: Hiring, 
   Managing Human Resources, Effective Deployment, Setting of KPIs, Consequence Management  
   (Management of Disciplinary Issues; Correspondence; Domestic Inquiries; Termination Process; 
   Legal Claims by Dismissed Employees)
3. Ability by Management / Organization to reduce the risk of wrong Human Resource
   Management Practices


     : Highly Interactive Session, with a bilateral approach to the subject matter allowing participants to share incidences at respective work locations.
    : Video Presentation
    : Mind Mapping and Recap Sessions
    : Mini Workshop Session – allowing participants to develop their own process and to support subject matter and work in synergy with other participants
    : Encourage teamwork
    : The related labour laws, case studies would be invoked and analysis of legal implications for non-compliance would be discussed and outlined



1.     General Principles of Malaysian Labour Law and its purpose
> Employment Act 1955
> Other related Statues (Eg: - Industrial Relations Act 1967, Personal Data Protection Act 2010, Minimum Retirement Age Act 2012, Minimum Wages Order 2012
> Social Accountability 8000 Standards

2.    Human Resources Management within the ambits of Labour Laws
> Process Definition
> Documentation
-    Processes
-    Management Action

3.    Contract: What forms the basic relationship between employee and employer?
> Contract for Service - Elements
> Contract of Service - Elements
> Apprenticeship Contract
> Contract “For” vs “Of” Service” 
- Control Test
- Independence Test
- Integration Test
- Economic Reality Test
> Terms
- Express Terms
- Implied Terms – Business Efficacy Test
> Non-Renewal of Contract- Fixed duration contract & Nonfixed duration  

4.    Employer – Definition, Duties and Obligation

5.    Employee – Definition, Duties and Obligation; Categories of Employees (Permanent, Contractors, Foreign Employees)

6.    Probationer – Definition, Duties and Obligation; Rights 

7.    Wages – General Rules and Exceptions; Entitlement; Minimum Wage; Deduction of Wages and its related rules and regulations; Failure to pay wages

8.     Hours of Work - Routine Hours and provision of the law; 
> Routine and Off days. 
> Rest Days, Public Holidays - Entitlement
> Rest Days & Public Holidays – Additional day 
> Hospitalization & Sick Leave

9.     Leave
> Annual Leave 
> Maternity Leave. 
> Absence Without Leave 

10.    Right to Hire, Fire and Transfer 
> Hiring 
> Performance Appraisal
> Consequence Management
-    Firing
-    Employee Misconduct
-    Transfer
-    Dismissal
-    Unfair Dismissal
-    Demotion
> Burden and Standard of Proof

10.    Domestic Inquiry – Overview of Process and Requirements
> Rules of Natural Justice
> Communication for Domestic Inquiry
> Domestic Inquiry Panel – General; Small Companies and its process/requirements
> Decision and Execution
> Absence of Domestic Inquiry - Implications

11.    Types of Misconduct 
> Sexual Harassment
> Insubordination
> Theft & Dishonesty 
> Misrepresentation 
> Fraud
> Criminal Breach of Trust
> Rules of Evidence to prove and disprove

12.    Termination of Employment Contract
> By either party - Employer / Employee (Resignation)
> Justification
> Due Process
> Benefits
> Termination Notice- Compliance and Non-Compliance 
> Constructive Dismissal
> Forced Resignation – Validity? 

13.    Retirement
> Optional retirement
> Age expressly stated
> Age not expressly stated
> The Law

14.    Restraint of Trade
> Validity
> Reasonableness

15.    Conflict of Interest
> Ethics

16.    Guidelines for Industrial Court – Brief Overview

17.    Mind Mapping of the overall Malaysian Labour Law requirements and standards.