Situational Leadership Essential

Situational Leadership Essential - 2 Days

Program Overview

Situational leadership is one of the managerial essentials, which stresses on both relationship and task behaviors in execution effectiveness and efficiency. Adopting the principles of situational leadership, leaders and managers in your organization can equip themselves with the necessary tools to skillfully navigate the workforce towards operational excellence. With high adaptability to any circumstances, the skills prepare the leaders and managers to address the most pressing challenges in today’s work environment.

Situational Leadership Essentials is about driving performance by taking concrete, practical steps in the day-to-day management of your people. Through a highly experiential process of discovery, you will learn to become more effective and efficient as you narrow the gap between current results and what your potential can truly achieve. The program is a practical training for participants devoted to achieving extraordinary results in any area they choose through effective leadership and empowerment.

Situational Leadership Essentials is about people results, with the focus on the following areas:

  • Communication
  • Influence and persuasion
  • Leadership styles
  • People development
  • Self-awareness


Training Outcome

After completing the training, you should be able to:

  • Build immediate rapport with new team members
  • Deal confidently with conflicts and disagreements
  • Handle difficult people with less stress
  • Identifying and removing limiting beliefs about people
  • Influence others to win


Our Methodology

To change your direction, shift your thinking.

However long ago you learnt to ride a bicycle, it’s likely an experience you’ve never forgotten. The skill remains with you today. When was your last corporate training program? How much of what was learnt is actively applied in your business today? Are all that remains the workshop manuals left on your shelf?

Our programs are initiatives that last. They encourage new ways of thinking. They open up ways to create extraordinary achievements. We believe individual behavior and attitude contribute significantly to the overall excellence of your organization. So we focus on what really matters.

Our unique methodology of combining experiential, instructional and discovery learning, and supported by modern coaching technology, creates powerful shifts in attitudes and behavior that will encourage sustainable change in your organization. These changes make an impact on results where it matters.

In our programs, you can expect an extensive use of case studies, debriefing, dyads, facilitated coaching, feedback, games and activities, group discussions, lectures, psychodramas, simulations, story-telling and structured instruments.

Course Outline

Our program outline encompasses the following modules:

Day 1:

Module 1: Discover The Leader In You

  • Leadership archetypes
  • Your leadership type
  • Your style under stress
  • The type that inspires you
  • Creating your leadership brand

Module 2: Leadership & Team Development

  • Team development model
  • Forming stage
  • Storming stage
  • Norming stage
  • Performing stage

Module 3: Team Development Diagnosis

  • Competency vs commitment
  • The Enthusiastic Beginner
  • The Disillusioned Learner
  • The Capable But Cautious Performer
  • The Self-Reliant Achiever

Module 4: Team Development Needs

  • Characteristics of types
  • The D1s
  • The D2s
  • The D3s
  • The D4s


Day 2:

Module 5: Team Leader Flexibility

  • Directive vs Supportive
  • Directing style
  • Coaching style
  • Supporting style
  • Delegating style

Module 6: Flexing

  • Matching styles with needs
  • S1 and D1: What do you do
  • S2 and D2: What do you do
  • S3 and D3: What do you do
  • S4 and D4: What do you do

Module 7: Coaching Tools And Techniques

  • Understanding before action
  • Setting goals
  • Reality check
  • Generating ideas
  • Gaining commitment
  • Seeking support

Module 8: Feedback

  • What is feedback
  • The feedback of feedback
  • Giving feedback
  • Receiving feedback
  • Using feedback as a way to coach