Speed Selling Series: Module 7 Foundation Negotiation

Speed Selling Series: Module 7 Foundation Negotiation - 1 Day

Program Objective

In a challenging economy where everyone takes position, how do you negotiate to get what you want without losing too much of what you have? While everyone is expecting to leave the negotiation table feeling satisfied, can you provide the necessary win for the opposite party while having a bigger win for yourself? Sales professionals, when faced with tactical objections to their presentations, use negotiation skills to overcome these challenges. How much revenue you generate, how much profit you make and at what level is your cost of sales, all depends on whether you can be effective at the negotiation table. How can you get the best possible outcome, especially when the opposite party might also be well trained in the art of negotiation? From the world of buying and selling, to project deadlines, human resource allocations, service delivery specifications, improved support, or increased budget allocation, knowing how to negotiate effectively is crucial in today’s business world.


This intensive, hands-on, activity driven program teaches skills that boost better results through increased understanding and effective implementation of the negotiation process. It helps sharpen the negotiation skills of even experienced managers, empowering you to take advantage of every negotiation opportunity. By providing you with a rigorous training environment, your active participation in our program will enable you to apply and sustain your learning to a point of forming winning habits. You will have the ability to create the greatest possible win for you while leaving the other party feeling satisfied with theirs.


Speed Selling 7: Foundation Negotiation focuses on the following areas:

  • Buyer and seller strategies
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Influence
  • Planning
  • Structure of negotiation


Learning Outcome

After completing the training, you should be able to:

  • Apply your own successful negotiation style with key behavioral elements
  • Develop negotiating strategies that can be used according to the needs and demands of your organization
  • Employ different tactics in situational negotiations
  • Identify and negotiate the best outcome possible
  • Understand and employ the key skills and processes to negotiate successfully


Course Outline

Our program outline encompasses the following modules:

Day 1:

Module 1: The Discovery Stage

  • Understand the context for negotiation
  • Looking for ZOPA
  • Developing BATNAs
  • Listening and questioning at work
  • Identifying needs and priorities


Module 2: The Proposing Stage

  • Anchoring
  • Managing expectations
  • Defining wants, breakpoints and first proposal
  • Negotiation planning instrument
  • Tactics and


Module 3: The Countering Stage

  • Making
  • Holding
  • The value of compromise
  • Using
  • Unlocking


Module 4: The Agreement Stage

  • Reaching an agreement
  • Summarizing, confirming and re-confirming
  • Logical acceptable
  • The Law Of Constant Change
  • Follow-up