Building a Service Culture That Works - 1 Day

Program Overview

Getting people to take action and provide service is easy. However, are they producing a service level that is extraordinary? Or just plain ordinary? The fundamental concept of creating from others lies in the increased awareness of our peoples’ attitudes and system as service providers. Until and unless you recognize and accept the reasons for your past and present ways, any action taken only similar results which you have been experiencing so far. This program is about getting better results through others by creating a positive shift from self-limiting beliefs to a world of new and exciting possibilities both in life and at work. The program is designed for you to take a of your life and have a look at how you are playing your game as an individual and as a team. It holds up a mirror you to reflect on your underlying beliefs that drives your past actions and causes your results. Through this process of discovery, you will learn to push your limits and narrow the gap between your current results and what your potential can truly achieve in your pursuit of a world-class service provider.

This unique 1-day, activity driven program teaches skills that boost team productivity and relationship building through increased understanding and effective implementation of the communication process and service mindset. By providing you with a rigorous training environment, your active participation in our program will enable you to apply and sustain your learning to a point of forming winning habits. You will have the ability to create the greatest positive impact when you are working as an individual or team at every given opportunity.


Building A Service Culture That Works focuses on the following areas:

  • Communication
  • Contribution
  • Leadership
  • Relationship building


Learning Outcome:

After completing the training, you should be able to:

  • Build relationships easily
  • Creating team strategies towards shared targets
  • Develop the power of influence
  • Provide professional service
  • Understand and employ the communication process effectively


Course Outline

Our program outline encompasses the following modules:

Day 1:

Module 1: Interpersonal Communication

  • Building credibility
  • The 4 Quadrant Communication Model
  • Identifying your personal style of communicating
  • Developing your style towards
  • Shifting into positive action


Module 2: Being Effective In Communication

  • Applying learning in the workplace and relationships
  • What others say and do and what is important to them
  • What we do more of when interacting with others
  • What we avoid doing when interacting with others
  • World café: Revealing our blind spots


Module 3: Collaboration

  • Managing expectations
  • 1 primer activity – Postcards 360*
  • The art of collaboration
  • 1 key activity – The XO Game*
  • Debrief on workplace application


Module 4: Building A Service Culture In Teams

  • Moving from good to great
  • 2 key activities – WOW Factors* and The White Line*
  • Creating a social agreement
  • Debrief on workplace application
  • Action Planning – Stop, Start & Continue