Emotional Intelligence @ Work

Emotional Intelligence @ Work



It’s widely understood that emotional intelligence (EI)– is the ability to bring out the best in ourselves and others – it is the key for leaders in this day and age to unleash the best in their teams. Studies show that EI can make the all the difference between a fantastic employee or leader or a mediocre performer.  Whilst the good news is that EI can be learned it only comes with knowing the how’s and it must be coupled with constant practice.

Statistics for EI show that it is the single greatest contributor to personal excellence and leadership.  EI has been touted as twice as important as intellect and expertise in terms of performance.  In leadership positions, EI is more than five times as important. This program will bring an awareness on the keys to using and managing EI effectively at work for beginners.

Programme Objectives

  • gain an understanding of the impact you have on the people around you
  • understand the science of the human brain and the influences it asserts on you
  • develop a plan to connect more deeply with everyone at work
  • uncover one’s high performance and the blind spots that sabotage our abilities

Targeted Audience

Staff, supervisors, high potentials, managers, and executives (delivery will be geared toward audience level)


2 Days


Programme Outline

1.0            What is EQ?

  1. What are the perceptions of EQ
  2. What it really is and what does it cover?

2.0           Goleman’s 5 Domains of EQ

  1. What are they and how do we tap into them for maximum benefit
    1. Know your Emotions
      1. Activity: Hot buttons (What burns you and when you know it how we can manage it)
  2. Manage your Emotions
    1. Activity: Recording Emotions (If you know how you feel all the time you’ll be in “touch” with your emotions and you’ll manage them better
    2. Understanding Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivational Factors
  3. Recognise and know others Emotions
    1. Understanding Empathy
    2. Thought – Feelings – Actions Triangle of response
  4. Manage the Emotions of Others
    1. Develop and maintain good relationships
    2. Communicate Clearly
    3. Inspire and influence others
    4. Activity: The Circle of Influence
  5. Motivate yourself
    1. Activity: Passion – Habit – Flow the key areas to keep us motivated in the day to day working environment

3.0           EQ and ME

  1. A self-assessment on my EQ
    1. Activity: Understand yourself and your EQ with a written assessment

4.0           Managing Self & Team EQ @ Work

  1. The 4 pillars of EQ
    1. Initiative
    2. Team
    3. Flexibility
    4. Communicating Clearly
      1. Activity: on Listening
      2. Activity: on Empathy
      3. Activity: on Eye Contact
  2. Manage yourself and your team to gain the maximum influence at work
    1. Activity: Group sharing on good and bad examples seen
    2. Activity: What’s been your biggest influence

5.0           Assert yourself at work with EQ                 

  1. Overcoming your weaknesses
    1. Activity: Identify one point you’d like to work on
  2. Making the change
    1. Use LEWINS Change model to start the change in the correct direction
  3. Your personal action plan
    1. Activity: Create an action plan to make the change take hold and have an accountability partner to ensure it happens