People Psyence Making Waves in Gamification

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People Psyence Making Waves In Gamification

People Psyence - an established business consulting firm that operates in Singapore & Malaysia is bringing the latest Gamification framework and technology platforms to help big corporations to transform in IR 4.0.

PETALING JAYA: People Psyence, an organisation which specialises in psychometric assessments and help clients understand people's behaviours at the workplace, is now making waves in the gamification playground as they get clients to apply the concept of gamification in order to improve their business strategies.

People Psyence's Futuring Psyentist Jaxton Cheah, a pioneer in the concept of gamification, explains that many Malaysian firms are simply unaware of its enormous benefits and stimulating returns.

"Are you mad? You want to teach my employees to play games?", is a statement that Jaxton often received whenever he explained the concept of gamifications to clients six years ago.
"There is a lot of misconception about it. There’s no expert in this part of the world (South-East Asia), which means there’s no validated business case on how gamification actually works," he told StarBiz.

Cheah explained that gamification essentially means applying game techniques into non-game context, such as business and marketing. In other words, it is to make normal transactions or processes more "fascinating and irresistible" by tapping into people's natural desires for competition and achievement.

"Here in Malaysia, while the term Gamification is becoming more common, more work needs to be done. We need to educate people and tell them what the benefits are. They must see beyond the features of the game, more of how you relate them to business strategies to bring about greater business outcomes. More than just fun, companies need to see how it will make an impact to the business."

"In fact, it's already plateaued in the US, but there is great growth potential here in Malaysia," he added. To promote the concept of gamification, Cheah will be speaking at the "People 4.0: The Future of Work" conference in Kuala Lumpur on Nov 19.

"I will talk about the three core principals of Game Thinking, namely hardcore super fans; designing the learning loop and looking at the mastery path. I will also be sharing my gamification journey over the past six years.

As gamification is about taking action and one needs to 'game' it to 'know' it, People Psyence will gamify the event so that participants can personally experience it. Three days prior to the event, delegates will be able to download a gamification platform to start playing. This will allow participants to start connecting with each other, including the speakers and gain access to some pre-conference content. Elements such as competition and recognition that allow participants to compete on a leaderboard and share their thoughts will also be included.

Organised by Star Media Group Bhd, the People 4.0: The Future of Work conference features a host of speakers such as subject matters experts, game-changers and industry leaders.

Participants will be able to develop new frameworks for meaningful employee experiences, new approaches to talent acquisition, new ways of dynamic learning and inclusivity, learn how to stand out from the crowd and grow faster than the competition by hiring the right talent faster and more efficiently, as well as gain insights to the latest trends and predictions to stay ahead of the curve and be ready to thrive in Industrial Revolution 4.0.

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