Corporate Training | E-Learning During Coronavirus Outbreak In Malaysia 2020

P-Studio - Digital Learning Recording Equipment

With the number of cases of the coronavirus outbreak accelerating into the tens of thousands, and the number of countries affected continues to rise brings global businesses to a standstill. A global health emergency was declared by World Health Organisation (WHO) as ASEAN cases have been confirmed and most companies have a high number of working counterparts around the region as well as the rest of the world. 
Many organisations are facing concerns today when it comes to travelling arrangements involving employees and stakeholders resulting in cancellation or deferment of expos, conferences, trainings or any events involving mass crowds is canceled affecting organisations’ game plans in the business.

During crises times as such, it is crucial for organisations to seize the opportunity to adopt technological innovations such as digital platforms and advanced hardware devices to streamline processes, enhance productivity and significantly overhaul communications as part of the business continuity plan. Failure to take action may be threatening to the organisation when productivity and staying competitive is concerned. 

Employee development plays a major part in maintaining businesses and its competitive edge not only in present time but also moving forward. Relatively, communication is extremely important for employee development initiatives. Organisations can consider producing e-learning videos and share it in Webinar or Live streaming form as a communication strategy to continue the learning programmes as it can conveniently connect with people globally. Producing e-learning videos can be time consuming and costly at the same time, however we have a solution that can reduce those factors significantly.

p-Studio is one of the solutions you might want to consider, a personal recording device that produces instructional and contextualised videos for learning.

What is P-Studio? 

  1. An easy and simple self-operated virtual studio recording system which enhances your viewer experiences.
  2. Captures the presenter together with the presentation materials in a virtual environment and produces videos in real-time.
  3. This one desk layout system allows anyone to produce videos easily and quickly.


P-Studio Interface


P-Studio Application

Demo: Online Maths Tutorial

1. A compact setup for p-Studio recording device

2. Recording panel as seen by presenter on p-Studio software

3. Digital writing pad for tutorial videos

4. Written details for tutorial reflected on actual video in full screen mode

5. Live streaming or finished learning video content

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