Digital Learning Content Library - Skilla

Digital Learning Content Library - Skilla

Which type of learner are you?

We have 250 Multimedia Training Courses business and soft skills designed to accommodate the differing learning styles we know learners have.



Mission is to make and habitual.

Skilla does this through multimedia eLearning courses that stimulate different intelligences and respect the variety of learning styles people have.

250 highly interactive bite-sized courses, and covers a wide range of business and soft skills including leadership, management and personal effectiveness, to help equip staff and to thrive in the digital era. The courses are designed for the time-poor and information-rich context in which most people work.

The multimedia courses can ‘stand-alone’ or be combined into Learning Paths. Don't worry; our learning experts will help you the perfect package guaranteed to engage, entertain and deliver results, fast.


What is Training Pills?

Short and incisive e-Learning courses delivered via multiple media that address key business and soft skills in an engaging, cohesive and rigorous manner.

Within a few minutes the fundamental concepts come into focus, creating a stimulating learning journey that delivers new keys to understanding the issue in the round.


Self Learning


Areas of Expertise



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