Virtual Training Program from Mini Workshop Series

Virtual Training Program from Mini Workshop Series

MWS™ is a workforce learning solution offering a new approach and fresh perspective to competency-based trainings. It is designed to offer flexible solutions to meet every needs of big and small organizations alike.



1) Preprogram video

2) 4hours virtual class (divided into 2 sessions x 2hours)

3) Post program visual map, podcast, 30 days access to trainer and video recording

4)    Brainstorming session on solutions for 5 to 10 business issues



Maximum no of 30 pax


Topic Titles

Essential Skills are the skills needed for work, learning and life. They provide the foundation for learning all other skills to enable people to evolve with their jobs and adapt to workplace change. This track provides you with everything you need to be effective.

01 Winning Attitude

02 Accelerated Learning

03 Write Effortlessly

04 Manage Time

05 Getting Organized

06 Effective Meeting

07 Communicate Clearly

08 Active Listening

09 Business Etiquette

10 Managing Boss

11 Minimizing Workstress

12 Dealing With Change


Explore the topics that are critical to developing effective management skills such as speaking with power, motivation, team development, interpersonal and communication: everything you need to manage people effectively.

01 Speak With Power

02 Creative Thinking

03 Decision Making

04 Motivating Others

05 Delegating Effectively

06 Getting Results

07 Building Team

08 Constructive Feedback

09 Coaching Dance

10 Executing Change

11 Dealing With Difficult People

12 Art Of Negotiation


NLP is the leading-edge technology of excellence. You may have heard that NLP is particularly powerful in the areas of communication, influence and change. You may be aware of some of the astonishing results that NLP can deliver. Experience NLP now.

01 Mastering Success

02 State Management

03 Congruency

04 Sensory Acuity

05 Building Rapport

06 The Art Of Questions

07 Figuring Out People

08 Perceptual Flexibility

09 The Framing Games

10 Power Persuasion

11 Problem Solving With SCORE

12 Imagineering

A common component of managerial training programs is a section on human resources as it plays an important role to align human capital with business strategies and philosophies. Managers who focus more on the numbers and less on managing talent tend to let HR responsibilities slip.

01 Positive Mental Attitude

02 Handling Discipline

03 Work-Life Balance

04 Screening Resumes

05 Behavioral Interviewing Skills

06 Culture Of Empowerment

07 Selecting Candidates

08 Performance Review

09 Managing Performance

10 Building Competencies

11 Planning Training

12 Induction And Orientation


Many organizations believe that competencies give clear messages to staff about the behaviors required by their business. Competencies are the state or quality of being adequate or well qualified to perform a task. A person gains competency through education, training, experience or natural abilities.

01 Managing Vision And Purpose

02 Strategic Agility

03 Dealing With Ambiguity

04 Action Oriented

05 Customer Focus

06 Managing Through Systems

07 Teamwork

08 Accountability

09 Assertiveness

10 Perseverance

11 Ethics And Values

12 Integrity And Trust


Most sales professionals “wing it,” hunting for the sale and then playing sales meetings strictly by feel; they’re reacting to what they find, selling by chance. Everyone wants to succeed at sales. Sales in Action is suitable for each and every sales professionals to hone their skills and save them of years of frustrations.

01 Sales Mindset

02 Generating Leads

03 Cold Calling

04 Power Intro

05 Telemarketing

06 Email Selling

07 Probing Skills

08 Handling Objections

09 Relationship Selling

10 Networking Skills

11 Nurturing After Sales

12 Sales Closing Techniques


There is an increasing need for innovation in today’s organizations. To stay current in a yesterday’s world be it in terms of organizational structure, product, services or mindset. Innovation sends a positive motivating message throughout the organization.

01 Innovation and Organization

02 Nurturing Innovation

03 Idea Generation

04 Opportunity Recognition

05 Idea Management

06 Managing Innovation

07 The New Leaders

08 Leading Innovation

09 Culture and Rewards

10 Framework for Innovation

11 Process Innovation

12 Open Innovation