Professional Image Through Powerful Connections

Virtual Gamify Learning: Professional Image Through Powerful Connections

Projecting a positive professional image is vital to the organisation as well as to your employees’ personal success. Regardless of role and position, every employee is the immediate representation of the organisation to the outside world. Therefore, grooming your employees’ professional image is of utmost importance that will result in higher productivity, better interpersonal relationships and improve self-confidence that will leave a positive and powerful lasting impression on the business stakeholders be it in person or in the virtual environment. 


After participating in this virtual programme, participants should be able to:

  • Identify ways to enhance their own style and image
  • Identify the right cut for their bodyline for a sophisticated look
  • Possess knowledge on how to be well groomed at all times
  • Project a confident personality, professional image and positive ethics that will enhance relationship
  • Create a remarkable impression and trust among key stakeholders
  • Leverage on communication and people skills for better relationship/career advancement





Mobile Learning with Gamification

Gametize is designed to support the delivery of a gamified effective virtual classroom management. The platform redefines the learning experience with its sleek user experience, automated feedback and rewards system.

Virtual Facilitation

One (1) hour virtual facilitation session on matters relating to virtual classroom management and Q&A session conducted by our subject matter experts.